Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A walk on the farm/common names

Well, this morning was so beautiful that I thought I'd take the "girls" for a walk. Tim is sick with the flu now so I let him sleep in. That meant of course that Lilly and the dogs had to go with me. Lilly woke up this morning looking like her bright beautiful chipper self and I thought a little fresh air (well bundled of course) would do her good. The dogs CAN'T stay home from a walk because they'll just die (ask them, they'll tell you). Oh, and my two outdoor cats have thought that they have to go on walks as well ever since we adopted them at the shelter. So there I am holding Lilly on my hip, walking through the pasture leading Ellie by leash (she's the easiest of the three to control and there's no outer fence yet) with the other two goats dancing, jumping, and skipping around me, occasionally dashing by crazily when one of the dogs comes tearing through. Not to mention the two orange things slinking around in the grass behind me, pausing only to stare at whichever other animal is trying to challenge their right to go on the family outing. One of these days I'll have to have my hubby take pictures of the procession when he's feeling better. I'm sure it's a site.

Names are a wonderful thing. Without them no one would come when called, or answer the teacher's questions, or anything. Sometimes they can be confusing though...for example...I've been looking at so many pictures of Claire's lovely little black and white, itty, bitty, goats that I walked out to feed my girls yesterday and promptly yelled at Sue to quit chasing Stuffin' around! LOL Another example, when I was younger it was not uncommon to have 3, 4, or even 5 other Jennifer's in my class at school. Imagine the confusion when the teacher says "Jennifer, can you answer this question?" and 5 of us answer at once, often with different answers. I always knew I wanted my daughter to have an uncommon name so that she wouldn't have that confusion. Not anything spectacular or plain odd and weird like Mercedes or naming your kid after a state or some other car. Just a good solid name that has been around but isn't normally used. So we named her Lilly Hope Baker. The the year that we've had her we've probably been asked what her name was by some lady at a store somewhere about 30 times. Only to hear, "oh! I have a granddaughter named Lilly!". *sigh* We blew that one didn't we...oh well, I survived and she will too!


Tracy Paige said...

I was the only girl Tracy in my class for the entirity I went to school in Cheyenne. Finally when I got into high school over at Central there was a guy in my class named Tracy Thompson so he was called Tracy and the teachers learned to call me Tracy Paige which was great because I have always loved my middle name.

Nikki said...

I love the name lily. It was my next daughter's name if we had another that is. But my husbands boss named his daughter that so no more. My daughter Katie has a pretty common one but I like it. Your walk sounds like fun! Ohh and I brough 35 chicks home when we did not have a coop for them yet :) poor husbands.

Christy said...

Same thing happened with us. We named our son Logan 9 year ago when it wasn't very common. Now we meet Logan's all the time and about half of them are girls!

Nikki said...

Jennifer We are using feild fence fo our chicken run. It is not working very well. They go over it not through. We put up fishing line(redneck!) most are staying in. One or two get through a day. But our 2 onth old chick can't get through the bottom of the fence it gets smaller the lower it goes. HTH

Nikki said...

Hey Katie was born May 26 07. Lily and her are pretty close in age! We had field fence laying around unused so we pu it up. We would probably do it different if we could. But they are happy chicks for now.

PlowandPony said...

I love the name Lily! My name is Toni. Very unusual for it's day (the 50's if you must know)More women have that name now and I don't have to tell people it is spelled with an i not a y as much anymore.
Anyway since it is wordless wednesday and I am anti social I will quit talking now.
OK now..

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