Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Blessing and nesting

Blessing the goat had two kids on saturday. Very cute little Boer crosses. They're all white but have floppy ears and lots of muscling. One doe, one buck. The buck may be going tommorrow as a bottle baby to a college kid in Casper. There is also a buyer for a combo Blessing and Doeling kid pending viewing on Sat. and the buck kid leaving. Blessing just isn't producing enough milk to make it worth my time to teach her to milk. Wonderful personality though, I will miss her very much.

In more exciting news...I'm now officially 38 weeks and the Dr. says I can go anytime. Then of course he adds that Wed is not a good day since he has meetings all day and Fri, Sat, and sun he's going out of town so I can't have the baby those days either.
Tonight...I got up and started doing dishes, putting away groceries bought today, washing eggs, picking up Lilly's toys...and about that time it hits me...I'm NESTING!!! The dr. may get a wed. baby wether he likes it or not. Hopefully I can make it till thurs or this is a false alarm...

Lilly: I got up one morning and cleaned all that day, went to bed that night and got up the next morning and my water broke.

I know labor is supposed to be faster on the second...does anyone know if we nest sooner or closer to the baby time? Hmmmm......

Will I wake Lilly up if I go vaccuum?
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