Monday, February 9, 2009

North Dakota

Well its a gloomy day here in ND, I went to visit my grandma. She's 93 years old (will be 94 the end of the month) and still in good shape (all things considered) and still living at home. Well she gets lonely. She has 6 kids, 3 of which live no where near home. Of the other three one visits every other weekend, the boy occasionally calls, and the third is in town every day since she delivers the mail here but never calls or visits. My grandmother wakes up early sometimes in the morning trying to figure out what she did to the one to make her never want to see or talk to her. :( I wish I could go and shake my aunt up and make her see that she doesnt have too much time left and that she should at least call but it isn't my place to do so and it will be only her hurt when grandma leaves this world. On a lighter note my grandma likes to joke that she lives on a deadend street. The snow plow piles all the snow up on the corner and cuts the street off from the others. She thinks it's pretty funny that the only two people on this "dead end" street are two old ladies. Everyone else has either moved, is away, or has died. The whole community is a dying community. When I was younger I can remember going to church here and every pew being full, right up to the pews in the side wing. Now they close off the side wing and have church in there so they dont have to heat the big sanctuary. 95% of the people who attend are old (60's +) you walk down the street or go to the grocery store and the ratios are the same. Every one who lives here now has lived here "forever" and no one new moves in. It's kind of sad. I got thinking on my way up to visit that this may be one of the last times I ever drive these roads. At least I can bring my daughter and bring some joy into an old womans life while she's still here


Claire said...

I'm so glad that you go to visit her, and I think it's really sad that the mail delivery person doesn't go. What on earth is she thinking? Well, I guess we are all different, but to me, that's just mean. I wish my grandparents were still around. Even when they were, they lived in England, so I didn't get to visit often, but if they had lived nearby, I would have visited all the time.

JLB said...

Thats how I feel, If I lived here we'd be here at least once a week to see her. :(

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