Sunday, February 22, 2009

Goats, dogs, and rabbits.

What do all these things have in common? Nothing but pictures lol. I thought it was about time I posted pictures of the crew. Forgive my disorganization, one of these days I'll have to have one of the more talented bloggers teach me how to get my pics exactly where I want them within the text. The pups are Kady (black and white), Sarah (red), and Nick (gray).

I just realized I'm missing cat pictures, guess I'll have to get them another day. The rabbits are Peter (orange and white) and Mopsy (gray). Mopsy should be due the 21st! Yeah!

The "girls" are Sue (white Saanen), Ellie (pregnant Nubian), and my newbie Cookie (Nigerian). Cookie's moms name was Oreo, can you guess why?? lol More about the girls for this post, Sue was bought here in town from a college kid who doesn't have time to work with all his goats anymore. She is shy but the bully. She wasn't worked with at all before I got her and was chose because she was the least scaredy yearling of the three. She now jumps on the stand for grain and will allow touching and loves while eating. She is still shy about loves other times but will come check your hands for grain. She wasn't bred this year so will be a two year old first freshner next spring. She is also starting to grow scurs :( will have to see what I can do about that. Should be lovable and sweet by first freshning and will be milked but I doubt she'll ever lose her shyness (I like bottle babies better!).

That said, onto Cookie. Cookie is five months old and just left her mother. She walks around the pen bellering for her when I'm out there but is fairly quiet when it's just her and the other girls. Sue wants to play with her but doesn't want to let her eat. Cookie was also not worked with and is far more shy than Sue ever was, I'll be happy with taking her babies and bottle feeding them, she won't get milked. We are still working with her though and can get her to eat a bit of grain out of your hand about 50% of the times it's offered. She'll eventually come around some.

Finally, my experienced child. Ellie is a two year old second freshner that is due on the 23rd of March YEAH!. This will be my first kidding although I did get to milk her buddy that she came with a bit before she was sold so some experience milking. Am very excited and looking forward to learning more about milking and making all sorts of fun things out of the milk. Also have already had a request for her doeling if that's what she has. :) All her kids will be up for sale as well and can be papered. She may only have one though she isn't very big. How many do you think she'll have? lol


Christy said...

I can't wait to hear about your milking experience, although I guess mine will come first. I hope only a week or so!

JLB said...

Already got ya beat, had a milking experience in january, the lady who sold me Ellie wouldn't let me take her without one that was junk and in milk. I milked that one until I sold her. :)

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