Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day 2

Well good morning everyone! My hubby woke me this morning with a kiss and a "I'm going with my brother to dig a car out" Sometimes it's nice when he runs off like this. It means I don't have to even think about breakfast. Our daughter pretty much just wants formula and I normally am not hungry so I just dont eat until lunch. Yeah, no cooking for me till lunchtime! I went out and gave the goats their grain. Ellie doesn't even look pregnant, somedays I wonder if she is :( and then other days I can see it bulge out. I think she's probably only got one even though I hoped she'd have more than that. Time will tell I guess. Well I have part of my website up but am having problems trying to come up with information on the items that someone else hasn't already written lol. I also need to put some of my designs for animal housing on there. I've had animals for so many years I tend to know right off what will work for what species, at least as far as pets go, so I'll probably start with them and then add the plans for the bigger shelters later. I just need to find the time to bring in my sketch book and run them off on the scanner. I also need to go out and get better pics of Ellie. She hunched her back up and didnt want to stand for me so hers are horrible! I added a nice link on my front page with a coupon for 5% off of a purchase at the natural pet food store. Check it out! They have all sorts of natural foods and treats as well as other things for cats and dogs. Well I guess that's about it for right now.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

First Blog

Well, I finally jumped on the bandwagon, a little late but better than never right? This is my first blog. OHHH lol Okay well hello everybody, I guess I'll start with some about me. I'm a 27 year old married housewife. Okay maybe there's more to me than that. I have a beautiful 11 month old daughter , wonderful husband named Tim, and several animal "babies". I am a certified Veterinary technician here in wonderful Douglas, Wyoming but decided to work as a stay at home mom. My husband and I are in the process of starting our own farm and would like to raise our own products and food. The goal at the end is to have horses, cattle, pigs, chickens, ducks, goats, dogs, cats, rabbits, and who knows what all else. Currently we have two goats Ellie (Nubian) and Sue (Saanen) both purebred that will supply us with milk. We plan on making cheese, yogurt, soap, ice cream and all sorts of things with that milk. Ellie is due in March and we hope she'll have several kids. The debate is open on what to do with those kids. We are looking at selling them, eating them, showing them, keeping them as milkers or pets, and are open to other ideas as well. We're also raising rabbits for meat, fur, and as pets. I'd like to have some chickens and pigs before summer arrives but that will depend on the weather and how quickly we can put up the housing. Since I'm a housewife we live on my husbands income as a concrete truck driver. No one seems to want to pour concrete in the winter :) lol so right now funds are limited as well. But we tend to be conservative people and like to find ways to spend money so the animal housing normally doesn't look great but is functional and warm. For example: last year we went to an auction at a power plant here and bought a bunch of used plywood at $60 per pallet, with about 30 sheets on each. So roughly we spent $2 a 4X8 sheet. It doesn't look beautiful since it has one side that is peeling on each board from being weathered but the other side is smooth and they're thick. They've worked great so far to build sides of a cat house, doghouse, calf hutch (which is where the goats are living until more permanent housing is built), and several other things. Right now in the works is the chicken coop and a new rabbit hutch. Anyways we'd love to hear other money saving ideas from people and would love to talk about animals that you may have and your experiences with them. I started a group to talk about animals if you're interested and would also love to see your blogs etc. Stay tuned for more posts about my daily life. Right now....stuck inside, snowy and windy (this is Wyoming)!
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