Thursday, February 26, 2009

Phase one: rabbit hutch

Well, I was right I didn't get any other projects done, I didn't even get the hutch fully done. I did get most of the inside areas done though. I still have to cut out the holes in the floor for the scrape out area, the holes in the floor for the nesting box, and cut the doors and put hinges and latches on them. Then I have to build the outside area. It shouldn't take as long though since it it basic 2X4 construction and wire and staples (I love my stapler!).

My pics of the mountains from this morning.
mountains 2/28/09 2

mountains 2/28/09

Oh...I also managed to get a picture of the cats...this is an everyday thing...Boots is orange and white, Romeow is just orange.
Cat fight

And finally...since I had the two rabbits living elsewhere at the moment I had to get new rabbits to test the new hutch. My new rabbits:
new rabbits kady and nick

all four rabbits

new rabbits lilly and sarah


Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

What cute and unique rabbits you have! Great pictures!

Nikki said...

Wow I can't get anything done with Katie around! Those are cute pictures. I miss mountains. In Florida all we have are small hills! Good luck finishing.

Christy said...

Those are some cute bunnies!

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