Sunday, May 31, 2009

Things I love about my daughter #6

She stole MY jawbreaker when I wasn't looking!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Laying Hens and a new name

I've been trying so hard to come up with a better name for quite a while now and my brother just handed it right to me this weekend. What do you guys think?

Well, These are my new laying hens. We went on Sun the 17th and picked them up from an excoworker of Tim's. We came home with 19 hens and a rooster. I do need some help with some of the breeds though.

We have of course, the basic Plymouth rocks and RIR's

Then we have this unknown breed. They're about the same size as the Plymouths, all black with black feathering on their legs and a greenish sheen to the feathers.

Buff cochrins??

We also have this unknown breed. Slightly smaller than the feather legs but with the same black with green sheen to them. These also have a cream flecked look around their necks and no feathers on the legs

The white one I'm assuming is a leghorn and I think she's responsible for the two white eggs I've received (all other eggs have been shades of creamy brown to dark brown)

This is my poor feather pecked rooster (he was bottom dog at the old place) I don't have any idea what breed he is either. Also...does anyone have any thoughts on wether I should keep him or get rid of him since I don't know how closely related he is to the hens? (I will be incubating eggs and replacing hens since I don't know their age)

I also have one smaller black one that has the greenish sheen to her black, no feathers on the legs, but also has white spots on her. She's in the top picture bottom left corner by the feeder. ?????

Egg count :
Day 1 - evening only - 2 eggs
Day 2 - 7
Day 3 - 8
Day 4 - 8
Day 5 - 5
Day 6 - 7 - one broke
Day 7 - 9
Day 8 - 7
Day 9 - 4
Day 10 - 9
Day 11 - Today 2 out there already (one broke again)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

busy week

"Quick update version"

*sigh* This last week has been exhausting. We drove down to Denver on friday night (the 15th) and stayed at our favorite hotel there (rennisaince) We arrived at 11 pm that night since we had to feed animals and set up the milking stuff for the next morning before we could leave. I talked one of the ladies here in town (patty) into milking Ellie for me on Saturday morning. Bright and Early saturday morning we awoke at the hotel and after a delicious breakfast walked across the street to the walmart to go shopping. We had hurridly packed everything friday night and had forgotten our suitcase on our bed. So we bought a few essentials (tooth paste, toothbrushes, combs, swimsuits) and headed back to the hotel. We changed into our new suits and headed down in the glass elevator (Lilly hated it) to the pool. We dipped our toes in the pool and decided to forget the pool and use the lukewarm (hot)tub. After a refreshing dip we headed to the airport to pick up my parents and it was non stop from there on out. The rest of Saturday was spent shopping and picking up craigslist items. I got new pants! I've lost so much weight in the past three months that my old pants I could pull straight off without unbuttoning and had to have a belt to hold them up. (this last week I gained about 10 back. *sigh* temporary setback, my new pants still fit though) I also got two new rabbits (more about them another post), and Lilly got spoiled to death. Grandma Melody found a little tykes playset for sale on craigslist and we stopped to purchase that. Well, while we were Disassembling it we also found a car to purchase and a spring horse. (pictures later).

Sunday was spent at church and then collecting my new laying hens. (more later ;) )
Monday we ran to Cheyenne for a dr. appt and spent all day shopping there.
Tues-wed was spent frantically cleaning house, building pens and fences (its so very nice that my parents take their vacation to work here)
Thurs. We spent all morning planting trees, bushes, plants, berries, etc. in the afternoon we took off to go to the North platte area of Nebraska. We spent the night at my grandfathers house there.
Friday was spent driving to Omaha to pick up my brother at the airport and then we went to visit at my aunts house in Lincoln before it was back to Omaha for bed.
Saturday - Lazyish morning followed by lunch with aunt, uncle, grandpa, and family
Saturday afternoon - cousins wedding (the reason we are all in Omaha) followed by the biggest fanciest reception I've ever been to. It was quite a party, and I quit before the dancing even started.
Sunday - all day in a car to come home to the wonderful hubby who suffered horribly through milking and feeding for me while I was gone.

I'm exhausted. I'm headed to bed now. Supposed to be a picnic here tommorrow and then maybe I can start catching ya'll up with posts on various aspects of this on tues.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fencing fencing fencing

*yawn* okay real quick update. I have a ton of stuff at my house that needs doing, so of course the ranch needed help with fencing *grin* I went out yesterday morning with Lilly in a wagon with toys and hauling it and the tools, all the goats trailing behind as well as the cats and dogs to set some posts in the holes that my hubby had drilled for our fence. I figured I would work on that until Lilly wouldn't be good anymore and then head back in and let her play in the house while I did things in there. About the third post my MIL pulls up in her truck. Of course Lilly sees her and wants to be held and cries now when set down. That ends my post placement. As it turns out she has come to ask if I will help work on the ranch fence. Hmmm I am needed on the ranch....okay, no problem. We made a deal that she will help with our fence if I help with theirs. Again, Okay, no problem. So we went out for the rest of the morning and hiked/drove fence line in the heifer pasture. The ranch has about 7000 acres counting the state lease and all of the fences in the 5-6 separate areas get walked every spring and have general upkeep.
We stopped and had lunch then Lilly went down for a nap so we finished setting the posts that were drilled here and pounded some steel posts in. After that we woke Lilly up and loaded her up again and went back to work on Ranch fence. MIL wants me to help with this for the rest of the next two weeks.

Two sides to this:
On one hand I am outside, with Lilly happily playing in the truck, working in the beautiful spring air and helping out on the ranch for once besides that.

On the other hand I am getting nothing done at the house, need to update our finances badly on the computer before my parents get here and I don't have the time. I also still have to make a list of things I want my dad to do while he's here. My hubby needs bread baked (I think he'll have to go to the store) and the laundry pile is huge!

HMM another wonderful (hopefully) day of hiking outside doing fence. Later everybody!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My new kids

I have some new arrivals (again)
Meet Fantine (the little one) and Rachel (I officially named her that but decided I don't like it, she'll get a new name after I know her better)

Rachel is very loving and thinks she's a lap goat, She was born on 2/20. Fantine was born the 9th of April and has one concern: food! These two little doelings will be my milk providers along with Ellie and Sue next year. They have some of the top lines around here in them and I'm hoping to breed them to national champion lines this fall. So I should have some high quality kids next spring for sale.

Here is a current picture of Wonder and Marvel. Wonder is officially sold to a lady in Casper for a milking goat and is staying here until the middle of June when she will be weaned. Marvel on the other hand is a pain. He's very spunky and independant. There have been some inquiries on him but no one seems to really want him. There is a lady here that wants to buy him in July as a pet but I'm afraid he'll be too much to handle by then if he isn't worked with and I don't have the time. He did get neutered the other day (I caught him trying to breed Rachel, NAUGHTY) so he got a rush job. (He's only a little over a month old for crying out loud!) I'm praying that he wasn't potent yet and was just practicing or goofing around.

In other news: I joined swap bot and have been busys sending things to other people. So far mainly post cards. I am waiting for a romance book swap though (and very excited to see what I get) and also did an A-Z journal swap. The A-Z journal swap was fun but took awhile and some of the letters were very difficult (x, q, z). There are supposed to be ten things I love under each letter. Here's R for my journal.
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