Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nora Maes reply

Hello, Blogger says I cant see your profile and therefore wont let let me respond to you. My suggestion would be to take a horse hoof rasp and rasp it every few weeks until normal. :) One of my goats was never trimmed before I got her and I've been fighting ever since to get her feet right. Finally getting there by rasping them. I'll rasp until I start getting to the pink then I let her rest a week or two and I rasp some more off. Makes it very easy to get both sides level as well.

Something to be wary of in the angoras is that angoras have a breed specific lice that attacks them. Be very alert when buying your stock as it can be spendy to treat :) Good luck! Thanks for commenting and for following. Hopefully when the farmers market here is done I'll write more.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Well, of course I've been busy again! lol Two weeks ago I spent friday baking my heart out on cookies, brownies, toffee bars and other various desserts. Saturday morning I rose bright and early and hauled it all into my first farmers market that I've participated in. The general goal was actually to pass out the nifty business cards that I'd printed out. I did a great job passing those out but when the day ended I'd sold a grand total of nothing...

Listening throughout the day to the other vendors though I discovered that breads apparently sell better than sweets (just wrong in my opinion ;) ) sooooo....friday of last week was spent baking some basic breads. White, Wheat, banana, a few gluten-free selections. I sold out in two hours and also got requests for sourdough and more gluten-free.

Fast forward to this week. Thursday - get up, not feeling horrible but just generally tired. I spend all day thursday baking gluten-free bread and quick breads.
Friday - I crawl out of bed, look at the kitchen in disgust and decide that I'm definetely under the weather and baking stinks! I also decide that I'm not going to waste all of yesterdays baking by not finishing it today. My husband calls me a stubborn wench... I smile weakly and bake bread till 8 at night on friday. Then milk the goats, put the girls to bed, and unload the feed I bought on wed.
Saturday - I crawl out of bed, wrap the now cool loaves, print labels for my farm fresh eggs and load the car. At 8 (we're supposed to be there at 8:30) I wake the girls and fly through dressing and loading, throwing portable breakfasts in the car. We sold, we sold, we sold.

I discovered several things:
1: You can make ALOT of money at farmers markets
2: The money may not be worth it when you're sick
3: If you take your extra rabbits and put free signs on them they leave quickly
4: I enjoy baking more than I thought I did and will have to continue after the markets over (not when I'm sick)
5: Husbands don't volunteer to go to the market with you to help sell
6: The other kids help wear your children out
7: Baking for two days straight is very tiring but nessacary to keep up with the demand here
8: I stink at making sourdough bread...everyone wants to buy it...

This weeks plan: Change menu slightly (less white bread more specialty breads), restart starter for sourdough (one cheat one like this weeks and one good one to keep going), GET BETTER, Bake thursday and friday again, saturday make enough to pay for all the extra bread pans I've bought.
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