Tuesday, February 3, 2009


These are for you Tracy...I'm hoping they'll take your breath away a bit and maybe make you feel a tad bit better.

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Tracy Paige said...

You are wonderful friend and woman. The pictures are absolutely lovely and make me definately think of sunny skies on the wyoming plains. I may be a mountain woman by trade but the rolling prairie hills around Cheyenne will always be my home. I am so glad you got ahold of me. I too wish it was under happier circumstances but sometimes good comes out of the darkest days. Reconnecting with a friend such as yourself is one of those happy chances. I put your email into my contact list as well as my Yahoo messenger buddy list... dunno if you IM but thought it was worth a shot. As for my my email is tbwyo@yahoo.com. Not very original I know but its been a good accound for 15 years I'm sure it will keep me in good stead. Email anytime. As for the cards from the wishupon a hero thing I think that would be very touching. The more love and prayers the happier people are. Since you were over to Mom's and Dad's new place I'm sure you know the address but if not sent me an email and I'll share it with you as well as my own contact info up in Montana. Love you and give my best to your own family.
Tracy Paige Bennett.

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