Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry christmas!

How was everybody's holidays?

Ours was pretty good all things considered. On christmas eve we went to MIL's house and ended up cutting firewood, wrapping last minute presents, discovering that my very old slaughtered hen was cooked too fast and was a tough old bird, and then opening presents. Normally what happens is that the presents get passed out and then everyone tears into them at once and you really can't tell if someone liked your gift or not because you missed them opening it! I asked once why they didn't take turns and got told that the boys are too impatient and cant wait their turns. hmmm..Fast forward to this year...
my MIL, "Okay...let Lilly open one first" curiouser and curiouser...we take turns now?? when did that change?? Did I miss something or did someone finally decide that maybe a 7,11,and 15 year old ARE old enough to take turns?? Lilly of course had difficulty with the concept but all in all she did pretty well, especially since grandma and grandpa let her help open theirs ;)

Lilly recieved a bunch of clothes, a ladybug tent with tunnel, a puppy dog that sings jingle bell rock and spins in a circle, a puppy that knows her name and talks sings and plays games with her, a stroller and carseat for her baby, a kitchen set for her to make her baby food, and a crib and highchair for her baby. All in all she was extremely happy.

I got a wonderful drop spindle to try out from my hubby, a book, a sweater, two pairs of socks, a candle, and a canning book (that I already have ;) )
Tim got a DVD, candy, Some shirts and pants, and a book about having kids (really cute kids book)

Christmas morning we got up and unwrapped santa presents (included above) and then struggled through feeding and watering all the animals in the blizzardy drifts before driving to grandmas for the day. We pretty much did nothing all day. The three boys, Tim, and Rick spent all day playing with the new/used xbox 360 that the boys had gotten. Lilly played in her tent, with her doll and stroller, and her puppys all day. I took the entire day off and veged out in a corner playing my SNES system on an itty bitty TV and not being bothered by a darn thing! In other words, I was a lazy oaf!

I do feel much better today though and am in dire need of some excersise and mobility following my day of entire immobility and am going to go work on cleaning the house up and getting it back in some semblence of order.

Kelle: It's supposed to be another girl but the ultrasound tech flashed over it really really quickly and really didn't convince us that that's what we're having so we're preparing for either. It also doesn't help that I've spent most of this preg feeling like it's a boy. That just might be wishful thinking though to have one of each ;) So names for both/either. That's a very pretty name that they've chosen for your granddaughter!

Some of the names we've been considering: James, Wesley, Rose, Holly...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

General news...

Hmm what have I been doing lately...

Sunday we all stayed home "sick" not because we really felt bad but because we were exhausted. Every now and then Lilly gets a runny nose for no reason at all, this then leads to all sorts of wonderful green stuff running down her throat. This leads to coughing and being awake all night, occasionally vomitting if she gets coughing hard enough. The first night with the runny nose is always the worst since the humidifier hasn't been in her room for long enough to have saturated it. Saturday night was one of those nights...we were awake ALL night! Sunday Lilly ran around and played like she had all the energy in the world. Tim and I on the other hand looked at each other and collapsed on the chair to move only when nes.

Monday was candy making day and we took ourselves down to grandmas. The kids watched movies and played all day (Lilly and 2/3 of the nephews) while grandma and I made peanut butter fudge, chocolate fudge, divinity (white almost marshmellowy flavored candy), penuche (made with brown sugar and tastes like maple candy), and pecan brittle. Not to mention lunch and supper. Wheew we were exhausted by evening but very sugared up ;) Tim, BIL, and FIL worked on fixing vehicles all day long. They got Tim's truck running again, FIL's Four wheeler, and BIL's car all fixed.

Tuesday one of Tim's cousins was supposed to come down and give me a hand going through baby stuff and setting up the house for the new baby. She forgot and made other plans sooo...I called daycare and sent Lilly in and worked on the goat barn from about 9-3. The goats now have a building with very few holes, and a completed stall (with the exception of attempting to waterproof the floor), a stall wall between where the two kidding stalls will be, and 2.5/5ths of the wall done between the milking room and the stalls. It now needs the fronts of the kidding stalls, waterproofed, the rest of the milking room wall and door, a front door on the barn, under the eaves sealed up, and shingles (it has titanium underlayment on right now to keep it watertight until shingles can be put on). We are also due to have a "blizzard-like" storm in the next few days and Blessing is due to kid the end of January...any bets on if it will be ready??
Tuesday night we decided that due to the weather forecast we were going to run some of our "freebie" animals to Casper that night before the storm. So we loaded up 3 chickens, 2 ducks, and 3 rabbits into catch-a-live traps and carriers and loaded them in the back. The duck guy and 2/3 of the rabbit homes we managed to get a hold of. I took spare numbers though and all ended up in homes before the night was out (although unfortunately not nes. the homes they were promised to) I didn't see any point in hauling them back home again to await the storm at our house when there were others in Casper that wanted them.

We are now down to just three rabbits, the two Californians and the holland lop female. The holland lop may be finding a home as well. This gives us few enough rabbits that I can take them down towards the house more and have them more at hand for taking care of in bad weather or baby time. The two ducks that went are two ducklings that were hatched a few months ago but were meat crosses. The three chickens were "ruby's chicks" that Ruby hatched out this summer. They were the only chicks hatched here but for some reason were wilder than snot. This included not going into the pen, flying out of the 6 foot pen, eating my eggs *cuss cuss*, and generally running amuck. I was simply tired of dealing with them. All of "the rogues" are settled down now and laying and proceed quickly and quietly into the coop every night and lay nicely in the nesting boxes (most of the time). We also found a new home for 2/3 of the roos here and are down to one roo. They just simply refused to get along.

Wednesday I spent all morning taking care of the animals (making sure all bed were made, all had plenty to eat/drink, were clean, healthy, and happy, etc.) and then cutting up vegetables to throw into the stew for lunch. I got the veges started cooking and couldn't find the meat that I had bought on monday in the fridge...We bought it then went to grandmas for candy, put it in grandmas fridge for the day, took it out to the vehicle that night in a box of stuff, brought the box in and set it on the freezer and promptly forgot it. I found the icky meat on the freezer in the box this morning. *cuss cuss* two packages of meat ruined and no meat for lunch. So I threw the packages of meat into the garbage can and hear *sSShhhhhHH*. I think "oh great one of the packages broke open and is going to stink up the house" so I go over and pull the trash bag out of the can to realize that my hubby threw away a whip cream can last night and the spout has ripped through the bag and is spewing whipped cream goo all over the bottom of the trash. *sigh* I abandoned the trash can. After cleaning off the deep freeze so I could get into it I found one package of rabbit chunks labeled 2007. "yummy" thawed and cooked it and threw it in the stew. Now thanks to the baby I'm sick to my tummy from the smell of frying meat and can't eat a thing.
Spent the first part of the afternoon being upset and depressed. So I decided that I would go work on the computer a bit and get some of our finances into the program. For some reason working with numbers or organizing things normally cheers me up. Hubby took a nap then came in about 3 and was mad at me because I was ignoring him...???! After explaining to hubby that I wasn't purposely ignoring him and cuddling for awhile I now get to decided what we are having for supper and I don't even WANT to set foot in the darned kitchen again at the moment!

I'm pretty sure most of my problem right now is simply a combination of hormones and stress but I feel so lost and helpless and there's so much that needs to be done: barn, finances updated, baby got ready for, laundry, dishes, food figured out, Christmas (yes, unfortunately this year it feels like a chore), presents wrapped still, presents mailed, goat breedings figured out, Lillys old bed sold, Vet tech assoc dues paid, bills paid, remind hubby to fill out unemployment paperwork, dr. visits, the list goes on and on, and while I'm at it..."can I pick up the nephews at the bus stop"

I wanted to be a bigger part of their lives and have a part on the ranch but now is just NOT good timing! AGGG!
Okay enough whining...I hope everyone is having a merry christmas! (yes I really mean that) and I will try and post pics of the new barn soon and stop moaning about all my lifes problems...
Tommorrows agenda....???? attempt to find energy??

What you can help me with :
Baby names suggestions??
Big smiles and hugs ;)
other than that, probably not much lol

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Terminally idiotic....

That's the new term for my sister in law...

Apparently getting out and being with her family is not enough for her. She had one condition that she was given when she was let out and that was to not go anywhere near the other person involved in the incident.

She was arrested again today, her hubby has to deal with the children by himself again and the kids wont have mommy home for the holidays all because she didn't learn anything the first two weeks in jail! AHHHHHHH!

I'm trying to relax here but it isn't easy. Already tonight we had to go to the MIL's for dinner so that we could take one of the boys my graphing calculator for his homework. I feel like everything is upside down again and I just want to crawl in a dark closet and hide for about 3 days. *sigh* Maybe things will look better in the morning.

Tommorrow after taking care of the animals and the usual stuff Hubby gets to take his brother to wheatland to get BIL's truck fixed. BIL can't lift the ramps to get the truck on and off the trailer by himself so Hubby gets to now that SIL won't be there. Hubby asked me if I want to go, I haven't decided yet. I may ask him if he'd take Lilly and give me a day to myself. Really dont know what I'd do with a day alone though, probably work on budget stuff. I haven't had a chance to keep up with all of our account activity and currently our computerized finances are sitting in June.

I'm headed to bed now. Maybe I'll decorate for Xmas tommorrow if I can get the totes down. I'm really having problems getting into the spirit this year though...
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