Monday, January 9, 2012

Petting zoo

In July we started our own petting zoo, it's been interesting to say the least. Things I never knew I was supposed to do with the farm I'm now finding I have to do with the zoo. For example: apparently I was supposed to be registered with the department of employment even though I have no employees...??? What sense does that make?

Anyways I found this out because we are hoping to take on volunteers through We dont want to accept volunteers though if it would create legal hassles for us so we called our insurance company for the zoo and they told us to contact workers comp. After registering we have to wait now for them to send us a packet of information. I don't want to wait! :)I want to know NOW if we can have volunteers or not.

This last year has been amazing to say the least. Due to circumstances outside our control our income doubled for the year. Leaving us money to pay all our debts, buy some petting zoo equipment and start that up, and we also bought a greenhouse. I'm not talking a little greenhouse, I'm talking 50 feet by about 20, dream come true greenhouse!

I am hoping to take on volunteers to help with several things. Both of the girls are at an age now where they fight constantly, leading to mommy having to supervise more. I'm finding it harder and harder to find the time to get out and take care of all the animals the way they should be cared for. Lots of basic care things have started to get done when they have to be done not when they should be done. Vaccinations, wormings, hoof trimmings, barn cleanings etc. So we are hoping for volunteers who would want to do daily care with and for the animals. We also have some new animals that we purchased this last year that need some training, love, grooming, etc. Then of course there's the greenhouse, I'd love to find a volunteer that wanted to work with the plants and plant, weed, build some basic planting boxes, etc.
Most of this is stuff I adore doing and simply don't have time for anymore. I've been spending any free time I have promoting and starting the petting zoo, building better housing and conditions for the animals, and doing what I can when I can. And of course answering random business questions.

I just got a phone call from a gentleman that purchased rabbits from us last year and wanted to know if we had any cages for sale. Ummmmm...until this moment no...but....that one could go....that one could...and so on... lol
So it looks like I get to go dress my children and get them ready to go outside for a bit so that I can sell some cages. For the last few years I've been aquiring any cages from anywhere I can find. Often for little to no money. But now I have all these cages and no time to fix them. Might as well make a small profit on them and pass them onto someone who needs them. One less thing for me to clean up around here.

The new website for the zoo and farm is and I'm hoping it will stay there. We are having problems editing it though so I'm looking for a new host.
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