Saturday, February 21, 2009

adventures in mothering and forgetfullness

Well alot happened this week. On monday I forgot that it was presidents day and tried to take my daughter to the health department for vaccinations. Also stopped by vet and paid bill so that I wouldn't owe them anything anymore. Saw ad for Nigerian Dwarf goat for sale, went and saw and bought new goat :)

Tuesday I spent updating computer stuff (post pics for doting grandma), catching up on my computer games, and cleaning the house (kitchen). Also walked out to the kennel and noted that one of the dogs had bloody diarrhea, checked tails to figure out who. Took dog to vet after new goat dropped off.
It really stinks when you look at your cupboards one day and realize they're disgusting looking. So I spent tuesday in my kitchen with a bucket of bleach water and a rag. I have a sparkling beautiful kitchen! I need to do the rest of the house now, it looks worse by contrast lol. Front door first! Maybe next week....

Wednesday was spent by getting up and realizing that my bunny is finally old enough to have babies!!! Breeding session number one...Take female to male's cage, block off indoor area using house, leave that door to hutch open, release female in outdoor area with male, watch female run around madly grabbing male and humping him, get disgusted and tired of watching this go on and on, grab female and hold down by scruff of neck, watch male have fun, return female to her cage, shut outdoor section of male's cage. YEAH! babies due in 31 days. (29 now). New project on list, build new rabbit hutch before new arrivals.
Look at calender, realize that today is a daycare day and I have the whole day without my daughter, run inside and get her ready hurridly and take her into town. Waste an hour in town doing odds and ends because she has an appt. to go to before daycare. Take daughter to appt. only to be told that it's next week not this week. Not only that, but I pull out the appt card to show the lady (whom I'm sure is wrong) and note that it says the 25th on the card. *sigh* Take daughter to daycare. Drive home. Walk in the house and say good morning to hubby, let him sleep in. Look out window towards back yard. For those of you who were following carefully, Yes I left the second door of the rabbit hutch open! Look out window and see hutch door flapping in the wind and male bunny running around on the ground for the second time in his short life! Following with my pattern of forgetting things I had thankfully forgotten to let the cats out of the shed for the day. (They spend the night in there due to current coyote probs) and the sick dog (the only rabbit chaser) was conveinently locked in house for monitoring. So rabbit is running around yard while the other two dogs watch amused. Hubby and I chase rabbit around, without trying to chase, for 1/2 hour. Finally manage to grab him, rabbit returned to hutch. Release cats and let dog out to go to the bathroom (Which thankfully my hubby forgot to do when he got up). Why are we forgetting everything???!!! Worked rest of day on tidying house. Hubby grumbles that it isn't dirty. I told him it may not be horribly dirty but it's very disorganized when he dumps all his stuff in one place ;). Pick up daughter from daycare. Forget to pay. Owe daycare... around madly tidying house while hubby hums and hahs over what we're going to do that day. Finally decided at noon that we will not have time on Saturday when we go to Casper for the accountant that shopping will have to be done today. Run to Casper in afternoon (45 min drive) by grain for goats, forget calcium supplement, vitamin A, and protein meal. Buy groceries and come home.

Friday...Get up and feed animals, take daughter to Dr. appt. for one year check up! Happy Birthday Lilly! Find out she's not gaining weight like she should be (not a surprise) only 17 lbs. and get to feed her pureed food again for the next month then recheck on the 20th. Daughter also running slight elevated temp. Get groceries and ice cream for party after Dr. Go home and put little girl to bed for nap. Make cake (very first bday cake ever made and I made a double decker! I'm so proud of myself). Just don't ask me to do designs on them. Finish last minute cleanings up. Hubby volunteers to clean guest bathroom (*very surprized*). Go hubby! Daughter wakes up early, fussy, and is tired and fussy all afternoon. Mommy cleans closet and takes baby toys out to shed (excersaucer and swing) and finds rocking horse in bottom of closet. Places daughter on rocking horse and rocks for awhile. waste some time in the afternoon just being a happy family together :). Feed animals early and put to bed, make supper and woof it down, clean dishes and wait. Don't have long to wait, guests arrive. Grandma and grandpa arrive, then friend and son, and then uncle and aunt and cousins. Eat cake and icecream, open presents. Start to play with presents, Lilly crawl over and make mommy's legs a pillow. Guests take hint and go home. Lilly promptly crashes.

Finally, Saturday...Dog running around yard and fighting with other dogs, declared back to normal. New goat, Cookie, running around yard and bellering for her mommy while naughty Sue butts her away from food. Now feed in two locations. Cookie jumps up on food table and poops in water bucket, now change water 3 times a day. Cookie getting on my nerves lol. Ellie, our Nubian, starting to look pregnant (finally), due the 23rd of March. So...Lilly dr. appt on the 20th, baby rabbits on the 21st, and baby goats the 23rd...sheesh. Go to Casper for acounttant. Find out we don't have to be back right away and play the day away in Casper; okay, not quite. Lilly woke up this morning with fever of 101.9. Cranky, tired, and fussy. Ate very little breakfast and drank a little milk. Slept all the way to Casper. Slept at accountants office. As we were leaving woke up and drank a little milk. Driving to Target for more baby tylenol we hear funny noises in back. Realize Lilly has vomited all over herself we get dropped off at front door and hubby parks. Big crowd blocking restrooms. Some lady looks at me and tells me that my daughter has stuff all over her, she gets snapped at and told that "that's why we're going to the bathroom!". Clean daughter, hand to hubby, clean carseat, another lady in restroom kindly fetches plastic bag to put clothes in, says she's "been there". Mommy smiles, nice to know I'm not the only one, feels guilty for snapping at other lady. Find Baby tylenol and supplies needed and pedialyte. Daughter throws up again at check out counter, much to checkout teenager's dismay. Looking back now the gals face was kind of funny. Put stuff in car, clean up daughter again and give medicine. Walk around mall for 45 minutes to make sure she's done since it's easier to clean up when not in car. Give pedialyte bottle in car, get the bottle chucked back at us. Go home, Lilly sleeps most of the way. Make ramen noodles for dinner and give daughter some broth and just a few noodles. Mommy takes nap in case she has to get up in the middle of the night with Lilly. Daughter keeps broth, noodles, and about 1 oz of milk down. Will not drink pedialyte. Given tylenol and put to bed. No church for us tommorrow. Pray she gets better soon. Will try to update more next week so that it's not so long. Listening now, Lilly crying, am hoping she'll go back to sleep...


Christy said...

Logan would drink normal pedialyte when he was younger, but like the pops and the apple juice flavor. Maybe try those. When do we get pictures of the new goat? Is it a baby? How old? Are you bottle feeding? I have lots of questions too!

JLB said...

LOL, serves me right for asking so many questions on yours. She's a weaned five month old doe, the people I got her from are planning on selling their buck (not her father) after he breeds theirs, I'm hoping they'll still have him in a few months and she can be bred to him too. Will try and go get pics right now, I have to give Ellie her vaccine...will start a countdown soon.

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