Friday, February 6, 2009

sleep in?

well, it's almost 10 A.M. here and I still havent done anything lol. My hubby let me sleep in this morning (rare) and I didn't drag my butt out of bed until 8:30 (even rarer). Normally even when he lets me "sleep in" I'm up by 7:30. The goats were standing around their hay bucket wondering if they were going to starve to death. Everything's a drama with them. It doesn't matter if I'm two hours late or five minutes, they're sure they're going to die. My dogs sit in the kennel and patiently wait for me to open the gate but not the goats. They're standing on their gate bellering "ohhh help, we're wasting away" You walk over to the gate and they're rubbing their noses on you as they beller in your face "you took long enough". I think I could probably be 30 minutes early though and they'd still be "starving" :) Planning on spending most of the day in front of the computer learning about affiliate marketing. One of these years it may make enough that I can buy a stick of candy lol. But it's easy to watch the little one while doing it and she doesn't worry about "helping". When I go to fold my clothes she has to help unfold them or pull them out of the basket for me. She doesn't hand them to me though she takes something that will be tangled up with something else and starts streaking across the floor with them dragging everything else behind her. My hubby hasn't been told that his "clean" clothes really aren't. And we won't even discuss the various places of clothing that end up in her mouth, which of course has just found a nice lump of dirt on the floor and made it mud with her saliva. We NEED an add on for the shoes! *giggles* Right now she's "helping" rearrange the office bookshelves and "picking up" her toys which really involves standing over them, pulling an item out and pitching it behind her as she reaches for one with her other hand just to pitch that out too. My hubby went to work the other day on the ranch and was asking about lunch. I told him that he could eat up there because I probably wouldn't be very hungry. He came home at 2 and I was munching on a piece of ham. He says "I thought you werent hungry or I'd have come home and eaten with you." Now I know he's trying to be loving and nice but having to rack my poor pitiful mind that just learned to cook 2 years ago to come up with something to make to feed us instead of him eating at his mothers while I munch on stuff isn't my idea of fun. He, of course, doesn't understand since he takes the opportunity to sit in the chair and read his book. I've tried to suggest that he should make a date night with his daughter so that they can have some fun time together (so mommy has time to do something she enjoys) and he says that would be a great idea and when he has more time??!?!?!! he'll do that. He goes through a book in three days as well as 2 movies while I'm working on the house and he says he needs more time?? Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to criticize him I'm just desperately trying to understand male logic. He does normally vaguely watch her while he's reading, watching, or playing a video game and he plays with her all the time and is great with her, and I have to admit that he's been doing most of the "putting to bed" routine lately. I just don't quite understand the logic that makes it so I cant have a peaceful night without the two of them. I'm going to run away lol. My mom always told me when I was younger that I was more than welcome to run away but I wouldn't have anything if it weren't for her so I could leave their house with what I came with. I never had the desire to run away butt naked so I never did. :) I suppose this has been a whole lot of rambling for absolutely no reason. *shrugs* oh well, you guys are the ones wasting your time reading it, although I'm very glad you do. More updates from the lazy days farm tommorrow!


Christy said...

I remember those days well. Turns out my hubby just had no idea how to relate to a young one. Now that the boy is older they do lots of stuff together. I used to just tell hubby I was going out for a few hours and he was going to have to watch Logan. I didn't ask, I told him. I usually gave him a few days notice so he could prepare himself. Now if I'm home I'm pretty much the only parent even if he is home. I have to leave to get any time to myself.

JLB said...

lol the problem is I haven't the foggiest idea where I'd go!

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