Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Friend's Dad

Well I didn't get back to write the other day. I found out a friend of mine's dad died and was trying to think of some way to give my condolences even though I haven't seen them for fifteen years. I was just thinking of how sad life is when circumstances take you away from someone who could have been your best friend for life and how even sadder circumstances can bring you back together again. I've thought about her a lot over the years, wondered where she was, how she was doing...I'm sorry I wasn't there for her while her dad was fighting the cancer that he lost the battle too on the 27th. I'm sorry I couldn't make it to the funeral and give my condolences in person. Again circumstances got in the way, but at least I was able to give a small token, even though it may not mean much I hope it let her know I was thinking about her and her family. It's awful to know that something so sad may be the start of renewing a friendship that was lost but I can only hope it will. I wish it were under better circumstances though, please pray for her and her family if you get the chance, let them know the peace of God's love is with them. Thank you.

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