Saturday, January 30, 2010


Two weeks and counting till my baby arrives. I haven't had much energy lately and it seems like I constantly have something hurting. The baby is now head down but the position isn't "fixed" yet. The back of the baby is towards my right side and all her feet and arms are too the left. It seems like everytime she moves now she's punching my guts, stomach, lungs, ribs or some other painful part.

Lilly was such a wonderful pregnancy, I was morning sick for the first three months and rather comfortable after that. This child makes me think that I am definetely done and this will be the last one I want. I hope the child is as wonderfully behaved as Lilly is (yes I know they will have different personalities) and not the monster it's made me feel like it is. I can't wait to hold it in my arms and cuddle it.

My wonderful hubby has been helping around the house quite a bit and I'm afraid to say I'm starting to feel a bit guilty that he's doing so much and I can't seem to hardly find the energy to make meals, let alone anything else.

Things around the farm are at a standstill. I stagger out every morning and feed and water the rabbits, collect the eggs, throw scratch to the chickens, feed the ducks, scoop out from under the roosts every couple of days, grain the goats, feed the dogs and cats, and finally stagger back in. My dear hubby goes out every morning (while I'm still sleeping most mornings) and waters the goats, chickens, ducks, dogs, and cats, and hays the goats. Then he comes in and does a load of dishes, gets our daughter up and dressed and fed, and then looks after her until I manage to drag myself out of bed. On the occasional day that work needs him he gets all the animals taken care of before he leaves at 6:30. Most days after I get up he works on something around here or at his moms.

The other day he crawled under the house to get the jacks out so he could put more blocks under the barn and discovered a broken pipe. He spent the entire day trying to find parts to fix that and getting that fixed. He also has managed to get our new back door in and to get 4 or 5 windows put in in the last week or two.

His wife on the other hand has cleaned the office and moved the plants out of the way of the last three windows and hasn't done much else. I've been to the church twice this week (with him along helping) to catalog the books in the church library and work on that. Most days anymore I just end up sitting around and watching Lilly or a movie and crocheting.

The last few nights Blessing has slept in the barn and gone out with the others during the day. This morning she was acting very restless and kept looking over her shoulder. I'm leaving her in today and we'll see if we have kids. Yeah, more newborns around here, I must be crazy. Speaking of newborns...all three of my female rabbits should be bred as well so that we can have bunnies by easter. One of them is due on my due date. I'm also getting ready to place a bird order for march since I want to have turkeys available for sale this year. Ellie and Sue are both due for their kids the end of March as well... I AM CRAZY....

Sunday, January 3, 2010

To do list 2010!

Survive calving season, kidding season, and the baby arriving with family manners, relationships, and minds intact.

Actually write down how many eggs and gallons of milk we are recieving.

Finish goat barn: Interior walls, stalls, shingling, insulation and interior boards, ceiling for milk room, milk room shelves, second milk stand, windows, etc. Try to get most of the important aspects of this accomplished this month before kids and baby arrives (If Blessing is even preg!)

Pick up "Tina" Fantine from breeding in Cheyenne. She's been there since dec 8th-ish and has refused to come back into heat. GRRR. If not bred by another heat cycle she will be picked up and remain dry this year :( Not fond of the idea of having kids in July/aug. and we're into early june dates already.

Close off eaves of chicken coop and work on insulating and improving it. (provided the money is available) Finish roofing. Sell some chickens! 16-20 eggs a day is WAY more than I can use! Even making all my own baking items.

Breed rabbits successfully! Sell or eat babies!

Buy turkeys in spring, keep female alive this time (modify duck pen to allow ducks/chickens only). Let them eat and stuff themselves fat on our stinkin grasshoppers all summer then sell turkeys!

Finish fencing for second pasture area, finish discussing third area with hubby and possibly put the in as well. Put up grounding wires that are already purchased on outer fence. Dig post holes and make pasture fences permanent.

Modify or rebuild goat shelter in pasture and build second one for other pasture. Possibly make big enough for horse.

Go to lumber store garage sale and buy cheap building supplies again! Put siding on goat barn!

*sigh* wonder for the third year in a row if I will ever have a garden here. Plant a few items in select areas and attempt to even out and work the soil in the garden area. Build fence around berry area to keep cats/birds out. Cross fingers and hope that trees all make it through the winter and that "dead" ones come back. Give up on planting for the year, too many other things to do.

Feed my family more homemade food and eat out a whole lot less! Go for a walk instead of renting movies! Don't buy daughter cute outfit that she doesn't really need just because you like it! Pay debts down!

Clean out shed go through boxes you haven't openeed in two years (better yet dont open them), clean and go through baby items, have a garage sale and store the rest in wood shed. Clean freebie shed out and put new floor on it. Store spare windows in it. Sell metal shed.

Have hubby work on getting the scrap metal out of our area, taking broken down tractors back, moving the steel posts that aren't used to an inconspicuous area and generally cleaning up the looks of the place.

Thoroughly scrub dog kennel and cathouse down. Hopefully buy cheap windows at lumber yard garage sale and put windows in cathouse to replace plexiglass holes. Make cathouse more watertight.

Fix rabbit cages and make shelves in freebie shed for winter living for rabbits. Repair rabbit hutch. Rebuild doors to open and shut better and secure wire better with small boards over the wire. Staples alone do not work well! Move the two portable rabbit hutches closer to the house for winter living and secure.

Put in/set up swingset for daughter with peagravel underneath. Kick cat out of sandbox!

Pound in posts and get pallets to create second row of windbreak for trees so they dont get drifted in every year but still get the snowmelt to water them.

Taken doggy shredded canvas tarp and make bigger pieces into blankets for goat kids in spring.

Put outside flood light up on exterior of house, paint house, finish putting in new windows. Build outside porch area for boots and coats.

Work on constructing elevated herb garden in corner of garden. Plan what to put in.

Build outside excercise pen for rabbits. Build hotboxes for plants, put greenhouse together.

Put boards along the chicken wire fencing on the outer pen to hold wire more securely and safely.

Paint shed

Place stepping stone path across backyard and plant grass. Make flower garden!

Keep up with finances and office work in the house and don't leave for December! (January/feb, etc.) Update finances from 09 and get current again.

Keep house clean and organized!

*sigh deeply* and pray very hard to God to help me get HALF of this done this year!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Maybe I should thank my sister-in-law?

Maybe I should thank my sister-in-law... the more that happens the more I think maybe I should...

Before problems with SIL: Hubby sits in front of tv playing video games while I make supper, do laundry, fold laundry, etc. Unless I specifically ask him to do something he avoids doing anything. To his credit he did help put his daughter to bed some and also went to work and brought home the paycheck. And although I knew he loved me most of the time there were no compliments or supporting statements to back it up.

Fast forward to today: Hubby goes out and waters MY animals for me, then proceeds to work on the goat barn door for MY goats, then comes in and does dishes, then cooks lunch and dinner while I sit nicely at the table and cut up meat and vegetables, then he puts away his laundry I folded, then helps put his daughter to bed. HMMM I had time to sit down and watch a movie with him...
I thought my hubby was abducted by I told him I really appreciated all of his help. I got told that his sister in law ended up in jail and his brother relied on her to do everything and now is having to figure it out on his own or have the MIL help. lol So basically my hubby is trying to learn what I do all day now! I don't know wether to take it as an insult (he thinks Im going to get arrested) or a compliment that he now cares what I have to do.

My guess is it was meant as a compliment especially since it was accompanied by hugs and lots of kisses. My hubby is helpful and loving and sweet and...(I haven't seen this man since our daughter arrived) !

Thank you dumb SIL!
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