Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What on earth has the county done now?

We live on a dirt road that is maintained (hahahahaha) by the county. On one side of the road is our deeded land, on the other is the state land that we lease. In the past many colorful things have been done to our road. One blade driver scooped up the bar ditches onto the road so that he didn't have to blade the ruts out, and also took out several of our fence posts. The result: ruts a foot deep the next rain and vehicles sliding off the road. The road never got fixed after that. The roads get so bad when it rains that the sheriff won't even drive it since the last time he did he ended up in the ditch. Soooooo....current story:
Spring last year: Hubby slides off road and tears a U-joint in half trying to claw his way back onto it.
The neighbor (who happens to be the brand inspector and consequently carries a bit of weight around here) calls and complains to the head of road and bridge...again...
This time the county responded, they sent a blade out to blade the ruts
The result: the blade had to be pulled out of the ditch
The county decides that maybe our road is pretty bad after all. They bring in semi load trucks of red rock from a neighboring mine. They spread it on the road...one inch think and only to the top of the big hill.
The result: the road is passable if you're very careful until you reach the top of the big hill.

Months pass.....
The county came out last week and spread crushed asphalt over the red rock, also an inch thick.
We now slide around due to a slight scattering of rock on the road.
This week...
The county has decided to use the state land for a parking lot. They have a blade, a packer, and two scrapers just sitting on state land at the bottom of the big hill (our side of it).
Today...the equipment moves...all day it runs up and down the road....in the ditches....
The result:

The road is scraped clean of all of it's dirt but otherwise untouched....the ditches however are another story.
Did they really need to scrape all the dirt off the side of the hill? And what's with the pull out in front of that? This is an itty bitty hardly used county road...we don't need a pull off and not on state land. Why are we tearing up the grass for this?

This one is right outside our driveway. Little close to the fence line again, how many posts is my hubby going to spend hours replacing this time?

And this used to be a nice flat place across the road from our driveway that my hubby created to be able to swing semi's into our drive, will it still exist?

And last but not least the road goes on, tore up on both sides. in the distance you can see untore ditches...more to come tommorrow??

Any thoughts? What is the county up to???


Christy said...

I don't know, but I'd be worried! A Walmart? You never know in the country.

JLB said...

lol nope not that, they already had a debate about that here...

Walmart leased land, supposedly was building, city threw a fit, walmart wasnt building, then it was, now it says because of the econmy it's not again :)

Claire said...

Goodness gracious....and I though our road was bad! We have a hairpin turn with no signage and the corner gets really bad with ice and people go into the ditch. But your story definitely tops ours!

Nikki said...

Luckily we live at the front of our dirt road. Our driveway is better than it used to be with a couple of dump truck lads of dirt and my tractor. Our road is private so the residence grade it every now and again. Good luck with your so called road!

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