Friday, March 20, 2009

Sue's new toy...

Hello everybody, I'm Sue. This is my first post that my mommy has let me post.

She let us out today to run around the back yard while she was building our hay rack. *giggle* It makes the dogs mad when we're in their area and they go pout.
Here's a picture of our new hay rack. It has funny writing on it but I can't figure out what it says..

While we were out playing I found a new toy!

Oh mommy oh mommy can I take this back to my pen with me I asked. But she said no, and "get off there" but...what's this I spy from my cable spool...?

Whooo peee! A new toy!! She made me a new toy!! and it's slanted !!!

And Jump!

Thanks mom! I love you! Can I have a new toy tomorrow too??


Jennifer said...

Great post, it made my smile! Wow, your hay feeder looks really nice! Want to build me one? ;-)

JLB said...

sure but you have to come pick it up ;)

fullfreezer said...

She looks like she's having so much fun. Thanks for sharing. I need a smile today.

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