Sunday, March 22, 2009

We also have other babies!

I got a few birds today. I haven't been able to find a place around here to order birds from so I went to the feed store to purchase them. The feed store that was 45 min away was out and didn't have any. I had to go to Cheyenne anyways though (2 hours drive) and went to the feed store there. We drove back with them in a tub in the front seat and with the heater on for a while, then I'd set the lid on it and turn off the heat until Lilly and I got cooled down. It was quite a trip but they didn't get chilled and are all doing wonderfully.
This is what we have so far...
Three Turkeys

Four red sex links

Five "mystery chicks" (they were thrown in the box to keep the ducks warm and they had no idea what they were, the lady at the store thinks they're roosters) Any help I.D. ing them would be appreciated.

And three Blue swedish ducks

Some of their wing feathers are growing in already. Any guesses about age? The feed store in Torrington (2 hours) is having a sale on Thursday and I'm hoping to get more then.
Still on the list....2-3 Egg ducks such as Pekin, 11-16 more chickens (hopefully australorps, but whatever I can find at the moment)


Jennifer said...

They are just so cute! That little duck is adorable.

Michael said...

I have ordered geese, turkeys and chickens from Murray McMurray Hatchery with great success

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