Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bargains at the lumber store...

Well our lumber store here has an annual habit of having a garage sale! At it they sell everything they've accumulated over the past year that has anything at all wrong with it. The best stuff goes at the beginning the worst but with the best deals at the end. We wait all year for this garage sale.

Tim calls me on saturday at 2 pm. "did you know that today is bloedorns garage sale?"
"you're kidding me! I'm on my way"

I speed into town, knowing that everything good was taken very early this morning. When I arrive there isn't much left but I wander around looking at everything. They have a 2 foot by 4 foot vinyl window that you can see the screen side on. I turn it around...hmmm it had a very nice oak stained wood interior...

I continue looking, mismatched boxes of vinyl siding...I need something to waterproof the wood on the chicken coop...I wonder if the chickens care what color their coop is...
Hmm a full box of nails for my hubby's nail gun...

I go inside and ask for the person who is making the deals to come out with me. We go to the nails and I ask how much he'll take for them. He "ho hums" a minute so I ask how much he wants for the vinyl siding. He gives me an odd look "which color?".
"All of them" I reply, he gives me an odder look. I tell him my chicken coop needs sided. His face lights with understanding. I'm fully expecting him to say $50-$100 since I know how much vinyl siding goes for.
"$20" he rattles off, "you take all this and the box of nails for $20"
"done" I pop off as my mind reels. The box of nails alone is $60 in a store. He goes to get his marker to write sold on the boxes.
I then take him to the window and ask about price on it. "$25" I nod that I'll take it. I'm starting to really enjoy myself...This older gentleman walks in as the man is writing "sold" on the windows frame, he gives a look of disgust "that window is worth more than that!" I shrug and walk on past him.

I browse around inside for a bit and make a deal with the "dealer" for two deadbolts, a cute shower hose with a frog on the end for Lilly, a doorknob, a sprayer for a hose, some shower curtain rings, an appliance timer, and some other misc. items.
I then ask if he wants to make a deal for the lumber across the street.

We walk over and he looks at me, "when can you pick it up?" It's 2:30 in the afternoon, I know they close at five. I look at him, "I go home get the truck and come right back"
"In that case, this pile, that pile, those piles over there, all we have left for $30"
I'm in shock...I nod dumbly.
By the days end I had a box of nails for the nailgun, the window, the misc odds and ends, all the lumber, and the vinyl siding for $85. To top it off, while we were loading it they found more siding to throw in, as well as a glass tub/shower door, and a plastic shower kit. *sigh* I love Bloedorns garage sale.

This is my new pile of lumber, one trailer and full pickup loads worth. It also has the vinyl siding on top of it.

The Other score I made this weekend...I will use the bricks when I have enough for a flower bed and the tires will have one of the sidewalls cut out and become planters.

My strawberry beds from last year for an example


Claire said...

You have GOT to be kidding. That lumber is!! I am dazed and stunned. I wish we had a lumber store like that! Unreal....

Zachary and Jennifer said...

WOW!! I agree, what a deal!
We need a place like that around here.

Happy Building!


Christy said...

Man! I'm impressed. I'll have to see if any of our local lumber stores have a sale like this.

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