Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The things we order....

Well, I ordered all of my garden stuff the beginning of the month and I'm thinking now that I maybe went a bit overboard. Hmmm I hope I have time to plant all this stuff....

On the other hand keep in mind that we have nothing but mud here. We just moved in last March and I didn't have much of a garden last year, our entire place is mud and open space. I did plant about 50 trees last summer but am not sure if any of them made it through the winter they all look pretty brown, I plan on watering them a bit to see but I'm not sure they survived.

I try not to order anything that the edibility is questioned on. For example: I know there are some hedges and bushes that have berries that people really aren't supposed to eat. I leave those out. I don't want Lilly to go out someday and pick something and eat it when it isn't edible :( So...we have landscaping with edible items...or regular flowers, trees that aren't

Here's the list: Practical or unpractical uses, Animals, Us, Experiment (think it will grow here? or what is that?), Landscaping (I need something to break up the prairie!)
Luffa Sponge
Bean, Kentucky Wonder
Bean, Stringless Blue Lake
Peanut, Early Spanish
Corn, Ornamental Indian Rainbow
Gourd, Ornamental
Gourd, Bushel
Gourds - Bird houses! YEAH!!
Wonder Egg Seed - Anyone else grown this?
Vine Peach
Sunflower, Giant Grey Striped
Spinach, Melody
Lettuce, Gourmet Salad Blend
Huckleberry, Garden - never had these but want to try
Tomato, Ground Cherry
Chard, Northern Light
Cauliflower, Snowball
Carrot, Tendersweet
Hybrid Willow
Corn, Iochief
Corn, Peaches & Cream
Bean, Fordhook Lima
Broccoli, Packman Hybrid
Beet, Detroit Dark Red
Beet, Cylindra
Pea, Super Sugar Snap
Pea, Wando
Pea, Goliath Snow
Raspberry Collection, Early to Late
Strawberry Collection, Everbearing
Strawberry, Fort Laramie
Mulberry, Russian - berries berries everywhere and not a one to spare (hopefully)
Gooseberry, Pixwell
Dwarf Flowering Cherry
Purple Leaf Plum Hedge
Carrot, Sweetness II Hybrid
Blueberry, Tophat
Shade Hybrid Poplar
Screen Hybrid Poplar
Pepper Plant Collection, Rainbow
Tomato, Brandywine
Tomato, Big Beef Hybrid
Pumpkin, Dill's Atlantic Giant
Melon Collection, Combinaton
Tomato Colleciton, Mini
Potato, Red Pontiac
Potato, Norland
Vegetable Sampler
Rhubarb, Victoria
Potato, Georgia Jet Sweet
Onion Set, Yellow

Still need to order flowers, ohh and I'm getting a honey suckle vine this year I dont care what you say! lol


fullfreezer said...

We thought about the vine peaches but didn't try them. You'll have to let me know how they are. I think I over ordered as well this spring- although I didn't order the fruit you did. Maybe if our purchase comes through I'll still have time to get something in the ground for next year. We'll see. If so, I'd like to be able to move early enough to be able to transplant the black and golden raspberries we have at this house.
Good luck with your planting- that's an ambitious list!

Jennifer said...

Well if you did go a bit over board you are not the only one, I think I may have too! It is easy to do when it is cold outside and there isn't much to do other than look through those fabulous seed catalogs, then spring comes, and with it kidding season and everything else and I am looking at all these seed packets and wondering how will I ever get it all done! I love the smell of honeysuckle! One thing I didn't order! shoot.

Shelley said...

One of my fondest memories is going to my grandmothers as a child and picking the honeysuckle flowers and eating the little drop of nectar! We would spend the whole day doing that and smelling them and making potpurri with it!:)

Claire said...

I grew the vine peach last year and the fruits were good but we didn't get many fruits. I would try it again though.

JLB said...

We'll let you know how the vine peach does. The honeysuckle I'm hoping will grow really well since we'll be getting one from the local nursery and they should have a variety that will do well here

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