Saturday, March 28, 2009

"natural medicine" or "is he a quack" Part 3

Reading through the information on the website and in the book I decided to make a few changes to my diet. I'm a type O and two of the main things that the Eat for your type diet suggested were to cut out the Milk and the wheat. Now the wheat isn't too big of a deal since I've never really liked breads anyways. Milk on the other hand...I'm addicted to. I adore dairy products. I desperately needed something to change in my life however so I tried it. No milk and no wheat. At the same time my mom suggested that I go see a Dr. in Cheyenne that she had gone to when she lived here. Since she very kindly told me she'd pay for me to try it I agreed. According to my mother what he does is called Kinesiology. He calls it "Nutrition Response testing" on his website. Basically he lays you on a table and places one hand on various parts of your body (for instance forehead, belly button, etc.) while the other hand pushes against your arm that you hold at a right angle upwards for him. You're supposed to "match" pressure with him on your arm. For example, he pushes, you push back at the same strength. The theory is that when you have a weak acupuncture point that he places his opposite hand on you cannot push back enough with your arm to match his and that tells him that that point is weak. Then he places natural supplements on your stomach that are supposed to help that point out and tests again. If you react the same then your body has rejected the supplement and he trys a different one until you can match pressure again. So we do this whole thing and he sends me home with thyroid support supplements. Thyroid problems, coincedently, was what my symptoms ressembled but the "lab work" that the traditional Dr had ordered said that it was "normal". Also he gives me a list of foods to eat and not to eat. On the not to eat list...right at the top...wheat flour and milk! Within about two weeks I'm doing better. I still have bad days of course but it isn't everyday that I'm "disagreeable".

Weeks pass and I visit the Dr. in Cheyenne every week as he insists. I take my pills and I do my changed diet. I get to a point where I feel a ton and a half better but I'm still not me. Something is still wrong and I'm just not finding it. So I sit down and I think about my life. This all started when Lilly was born. The symptoms that still remain (memory loss, sexual desire loss, weight gain) all came when I got pregnant. I wonder if my hormones are still messed up. I think on that for awhile and realize that I haven't been normal since before my pregnancy and that it seems like I am still pregnant. Suddenly it hits me...several birth control methods use progesterone hormone to make the body think it's already pregnant so it doesn't release an egg. Among those birth control IUD that I had placed right after Lilly was born. Desperate to become myself again I call the Dr. to make an appointment to have it removed. I find out that I have to be having my period in order to remove it more easily. I had just finished, so I was sentenced to another month. The month passes and I go in and have it removed.


LillySue said...

OK- I am now convinced we are kindred sisters....To wierd!! I am type O negative and I have to take thyroid replacement every day! I need to stay away from wheat and dairy but Ice Cream is my BEST friend, sigh....
Blessings- LillySue
P.S. I am off to church in 2 inches of new snow

LillySue said...

OK- Tell me when your birhday is and if we are the same month I will be totally freaked out, heehee!
XXX- Lillysue

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