Monday, March 16, 2009

The shave of the goat

Okay, I went out today and Ellie appeared to be a bit looser in her tail ligaments than normal so I decided with only six days to go maybe she should get her clip.

Here's a picture of Ellie before hand (on 2/22)
and one after (not the prettiest but I don't think I did too bad for my first dairy clip)

She jumped around a bit, the lady I got her from didn't clip them so she was a little concerned about what I was doing and kept trying to turn around to look. Also trimmed all of the goats feet.

I also took top views for comparison:
Feb 22
March 16
Does she look any bigger?

Cookie is a wild girl, today was her first day on a collar and leash and she was jumping all over the place trying to get away and bellering. *sigh* I have my work cut out trying to tame her down.

In other news the rabbit hutch is almost done, will hopefully finish it tomorrow the rabbits are due on Saturday and I'd like to get them into it before she starts nesting too badly.


fullfreezer said...

A job well done. Hope all goes well with her- and you.

Christy said...

Nice clipping. I didn't realize the udder got so hairy, my girl was already clipped when I got her.

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