Saturday, July 11, 2009

When does 15+1=90??

When it equals a new feed store screwup or two or three!

I had very bad success (none) with hatching my own eggs with my incubator. After the 25th day I decided they were never going to hatch. So out of 20 eggs I had 3 the had started developing but hadn't finished, 2 almost babys that didn't make it, and a whole lot of rotten eggs! I decided to postpone figuring out where I went wrong and trying again in favor of some chicks in Casper I'd heard about.

I called up the number and found out that they had several hundred pullets (RIR and Red sex-links) and also some roosters. The roos were $.99 a piece and the pullets were $2.69 each. Hmmm not bad...some of the feed stores sell them for a whopping $5 each. So I called up a friend of mine and found out she would be making the trip to Casper the very next day. She agreed to pick up my order. I called the store back and ordered 15 pullets (sex-linked) and 1 barred rock rooster.

The next day my friend calls me and tells me she's back and I can come get my chicks. I show up at her place and...*mistake #1* I have 25 pullets and no rooster!
I really wanted a barred rock roo to replace my current "I have no idea what he is" roo. Friend says "I'm going back on tuesday I'll pick you up a roo then". Okay...

Tuesday the phone rings...*mistake #2* the store ordered 200 chicks for a woman only to have her skip town, they have more chicks then they can handle and know what to do with. He'll make us a great deal on them if we want them and Friend will go in on it with me. Hmm...I talk with the store owner. He says $2 a pullet. I say $1.50. He laughs, "that's below MY cost, split the difference, $1.75." WOOOHOOO my mind yells. I tell Friend I can only afford $50 worth, as I'm digging in the rabbit money (money from selling baby rabbits) She brings home a box of chicks and my barred rock. After putting the chicks away and feeding and watering I look at the reciept and find we've been charged for 40 pullets and 10 roos.

Few days later I notice some of the chicks need their rears cleaned. So I grab a box and a washcloth and head out. After catching every single stinkin chick *sigh* and checking them I shoved them in the box. When I was done I spread new shavings, fed, watered and started counting. *mistake #3* I have 2 barred rock roos not 1 and a total of 90 chicks! The reciepts say we paid for 75! hmmm.... lol

Anyone want chicken???!!!


Christy said...

What in the world are you going to do with that many chicks? I thought my 20 was overwhelming.

Kelle said...

What a bargain! Sounds like last Spring here. My Dh is manager of a Town and Country Coop and someone ordered in 200 Black Austrulops(sp?), well the P.O. messed up and didn't get them delivered for three days( after they received them)*sigh* Anyhow, you can guess 90% of them were dead. My Dh was so angry, he's such a softy*wink*,he said poor little things hatch, get packed into a box and are left to die somewhere. Well, the remaining live ones, 20 total, the guy didn't want and the hatchery agreed not to charge for them as they were in rough shape, so we got them for FREE! Nineteen survived, but hey they were free and the nicest bird to have around, especially the Roo. Who by the way is named Clint, and he's black, LOL!!!

Michaela Dunn Leeper said...

WOW! It got worse after I talked to you!!! That's a lot of chicken, lady!!!

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