Monday, July 13, 2009

Flash flood

It was a hail storm, electric storm, and torrents of water all in one. We had about 2 inches of rain, golf ball sized hail, and lightning strikes all within 1 hour. And the wind, can't forget the Wyoming wind...

You've heard the statement that things will look better in the morning?? They do and they don't! lol There is quite a bit of damage and most things are gone. I have no garden, no sunflowers, the peonies and rhubarb that we planted 3 days ago are gone. I don't know if my lilacs, plum, or cottonwoods will survive. There is no point in planting the willows that I had. We lost the six chicks, the rest seem to be doing okay. There is a few leaves left on two of the cottonwoods and we will see how they do. The evergreen saplings look slightly rougher but are all in great shape considering. Other than the 6 chicks we didn't lose any of the other animals so far. They were all soaked to the bone last night and it remains to be seen if any will have lasting effects but they are all alive this morning. Other than the rabbit that was in the flipped hutch the others managed to stay dry and safe. The chickens, turkeys, dogs, and goats were all soaked.

At one point during the storm the back door blew open and Tim's dog Sarah came rushing in drenched. I have no idea why she wasn't in her dog house! She has one! At another point I was in the living room and Lilly started crying in the kitchen less than 20 feet away and I couldn't hear her over the storm. To top the fun off yesterday was Tim's birthday and I threw a party for him. We had 7 extra people here when it hit. There were points last night we weren't sure that they were going to be going home that night.

The ranch got it worse. I have no idea how the cows are doing but the corral at MIL's house is gone. I haven't been down there to see yet I was waiting for Lilly to wake up. I did get up this morning however and take a drive down the road in both directions from our house and we also took a drive after company left last night although it was almost dark.

Hail flows in our back yard last night

Is there a pot of gold?? I think we need one.

Our back yard

Irrigation ditch behind our house and along the road last night

irrigation ditch this morning

what's left of my plum tree

The willows that were to be planted

The cat that hunts and got caught in it vs. the lazy cat (this is the muddiest I've ever seen this cat and he is nuts about staying clean!)

Waterfall on the road last night (there were idiotic teenagers driving across this!)

That same waterfall by mornings light

the undercut of the road

The creek and fenceline, as you can see by the grass on the posts the water was HIGH!

The brand new culvert by our place that the county just put in.

Ironically the thistle survived...

The irrigation ditch from the hill. You can see where the water level was by all the washed mud

These are drifts of hail covered with mud and grass. My B-I-L has a picture of him standing next to them last night and they reach his waist.

Some of our pasture area...the grass is gone, the cactus survives *grimace*

I will post more later after I have pictures of the corral and some of the damage on the ranch itself.


Michaela Dunn Leeper said...

Oh man! Hugs to you guys!!!

Kelle said...

We've been lucky an have not been hit with hail no larger than a large pea( White Combines, as my Dh refers to them)

Last night while enjoying our company, out on our back patio we watched a towering cumulous cloud( like a mushroom cloud) roll along toward Billings and within 15 minutes there were reports of golfball and as large as baseball sized hail hitting areas of Billings. I hate to say this, as I don't with this destruction an anyone, but I praised the Lord it passed us by. We're so humid now that if one does build it will most likely be large hail and do lots of damage. PTL all of our animals have shelter to get out of this sort of weather, if they choose to stand out in it well....?

Sorry for your damage and losses, sometimes it just seems like it's never ending. My theory is that this bad times certainly make us appreciate the good ones!

{HUGS} and PTL no one was hurt.

Millie said...

Glad you are okay. When I heard the alert on the TV I wondered about you guys. Tell Lilly her 'boyfriend' can't wait to see her.

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