Wednesday, July 1, 2009


We are cutting the first cutting of hay this week. This means that mom-in-law supervises the oldest nephew (learning to drive the swather), their mother drives the loafer, father-in-law drives the other loafer, the two "boys" (our hubby's) work at the jobs that make money, and I get to watch the two younger nephews! Hence the reason I've been a tad absent lately. We went to the pool yesterday. Today they get to help me clean :)

Have fun all, I'll be back soon!


Claire said...

Lucky you to have enough land to do haying. I wish we had enough. It's hard work, for sure! Keep cool!

Zachary and Jennifer said...

Good luck with the hay and keep cool. Hopefully the kids are good cleaning helpers! :-)


JLB said...

It isn't that simple Claire, we technically don't get the hay only about 1 cow each year. lol We still have to buy hay for us.

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