Monday, July 13, 2009


The water pretty much took out enough of the corrals that we will have to rebuild most of it.
The quick paint map I made below has the barn in blue, where corral fences are/were in black and red lines where they've been wiped out.

First fence (far right of map)

Next fence in (second to right on map)

Third fence (third from right on map)

Corner by the upper Corral

Fence to the left of the barn

Other end of the fence on that side

Fence along the tires

Barn flooded

One more along the road


Zachary and Jennifer said...

What a mess... Hopefully the rebuilding/cleanup process will go smoothly for you guys. Good luck. We'll be cheering for you guys from a far.


fullfreezer said...

Oh My! And I thought I had a tough weekend. Good luck! I hope it all comes together soon.
I do hope that your insurance will help with some of the repair costs.

Claire said...

Oh my word! I am just catching up on your blog and what a mess to catch up with! I hope you will be able to get things fixed up quickly, but not too quickly so the insurance adjuster can see all the damage!

Holly said...

The part about Wyoming that I don't like, the occasional violent summer weather. We escaped the worst of the hail. I'm so sorry it hit you with a vengeance.

Jennifer said...

For some reason all of the pics wouldn't load, but from what I can see that is a big mess and a lot of damage. I hope the cleanup and rebuilding go smoothly.

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