Monday, July 20, 2009

Slaughtering chickens

Warning! Contains graphic photos!

Well I talked my friend Millie and her family into coming down and helping me process my chickens. neither of us had done this before.

I had caught the four chickens the night before and had them locked in a pen. Millie's hubby Joe was wonderful and wrung all of their necks for us. Then we took the four down by the BBQ grill and got the scalding pot ready.

The chickens waited patiently

Then I scalded the chickens while Millie and Joe started plucking.

Here are the chickens waiting to be gutted (Joe did the gutting!)

And here they are after gutting and having their feet removed

And here is one of mine all cut up and in bags


Millie said...

Sure glad you put that picture on their of the chickens waiting patiently. Joe and I are dying laughing looking at the photos.

Michaela Dunn Leeper said...

COOL! Poor Millie said uh-uh, no way to pics! LOL

Christy said...

I wish someone else would do the neck wringing for me. Oh well, I know I can do it, it just won't be fun.

Holly said...

I'm always glad when butchering chickens is over. My husband doesn't mind doing beef, pigs, and wild game but the chickens are mine alone process. So, I do them in a non-traditional manner since we don't eat the skin anyway. It is similar to how you skin a pheasant and the skin and feathers come off in one main piece. It's fast. The last week in July I'll be butchering a few so feel welcome to stop by my blog and see how I manage the task. I hope you ate one of those chickens fresh. The meat is always more juicy before you freeze it.

LillySue said...

Wow~ You have had quite the July so far! So sorry to read about the flood. It is amazing you didn't lose more critters! I hope the rest of your summer will be more bountiful. I bet you are watching for new leaves on your trees every day. I will send up some prayers for fast renewal!!

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