Thursday, July 2, 2009

The house is almost clean!!!

EEEEkkkk! So now I have a problem. We went out at first and stretched the chicken wire on two sides of the outside pen for the chickens. Although they'll still free range most of the time the ducks need a confined area and it would be nice to lock the chickens up occasionally. Then it started to rain so we came inside. The boys and I spent the entire day getting most of the house clean. The younger one (6) cleaned Lilly's room while 10 and I cleaned the kitchen. The living room was pretty much a matter of hauling the crap out to the shed where it belonged! Then after lunch at about 2 we started on the office. We only have dishes, laundry, and my room left!!! Maybe some "fine tuning" such as dusting, cleaning off the counters, shampooing carpets (yeah right, they aren't going to help with that). What am I going to do with these kids !

The loafer has been having issues with the brand new head not wanting to pick up the hay so it's going slower this year. They aren't even done with the first area yet and moved to the second. *sigh* I love the boys but I don't know what to do with them. 6 Seems forever bored. 10 is perfectly happy giving me a hand in whatever but I don't think he should have to slave his life away. I took them to the pool on Tues. 10 ran around and had a great time, up the stairs down the waterslide, up the stairs, down the slide....

6 however, followed me around all day and got in the water only when Lilly did, which wasn't a whole lot! After 2 hours I asked if he was ready to go since a storm was coming up and the wind was starting to toss things at me (leaves, dirt) I got such an enthusiastic yes that I'm not sure he enjoyed going at all. HMMM :( I wish I knew what he did like to do.

Other than play video games all day that is. I seem to have this thing where I don't think kids need to spend all day in front of the T.V. Apparently that's what they want to do. I also have this thing where I think they need to eat good food. They think they need mac n cheese, hot dogs, and hamburgers. And they don't like my homeade mac n cheese! I'm just a horrible aunt! lol

So... now that I'm done being melodramatic...what do boys those ages like to do??!!! At home they run around shooting each other with their nerf guns, we don't have any here.
They also have a pool, and a tramp, and a swingset. (we don't) *sigh* I'm afraid my place is adequate for a 16 month old but may not be for the boys.



small farm girl said...

I have a step daughter like that. She will be 15 in Aug. She is bigger than I am. There is no making her do anything. The thing that gets me is that when she does visit us, I'm also the bad person because I'm the one telling her to quit texting, get off the computer and doooo something! I know how you feel.

Farmgirl Cyn said...

I know how they are...I had 5 of my own, and my 8 yo grandson was living with us until recently.
With a farm as wonderful as yours sounds, I would think they could find plenty to do. Is there any wood lying around? They could try to put a fort together. Or we used to hang blankets from the clothes line and make a tent to play in. Collect eggs. Feed the animals. And try to join in with them, so they're not on their own. Legos, paint rocks, homemade play dough, run through the sprinkler, help make lunch or dinner, library, catch bugs, make homemade popsicles out of good stuff like juicy juice....

Christy said...

Go get them some nerf guns? My son could play with Legos all day. And he does like video games. Read to them? Captain Underpants is a favorite at this age. We're reading a great series called The Five Ancestors. It is a kung fu series. My son loves it.

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