Sunday, May 3, 2009

My new kids

I have some new arrivals (again)
Meet Fantine (the little one) and Rachel (I officially named her that but decided I don't like it, she'll get a new name after I know her better)

Rachel is very loving and thinks she's a lap goat, She was born on 2/20. Fantine was born the 9th of April and has one concern: food! These two little doelings will be my milk providers along with Ellie and Sue next year. They have some of the top lines around here in them and I'm hoping to breed them to national champion lines this fall. So I should have some high quality kids next spring for sale.

Here is a current picture of Wonder and Marvel. Wonder is officially sold to a lady in Casper for a milking goat and is staying here until the middle of June when she will be weaned. Marvel on the other hand is a pain. He's very spunky and independant. There have been some inquiries on him but no one seems to really want him. There is a lady here that wants to buy him in July as a pet but I'm afraid he'll be too much to handle by then if he isn't worked with and I don't have the time. He did get neutered the other day (I caught him trying to breed Rachel, NAUGHTY) so he got a rush job. (He's only a little over a month old for crying out loud!) I'm praying that he wasn't potent yet and was just practicing or goofing around.

In other news: I joined swap bot and have been busys sending things to other people. So far mainly post cards. I am waiting for a romance book swap though (and very excited to see what I get) and also did an A-Z journal swap. The A-Z journal swap was fun but took awhile and some of the letters were very difficult (x, q, z). There are supposed to be ten things I love under each letter. Here's R for my journal.


Millie said...

Your new little ladies are very cute!

Christy said...

Those are very pretty goats. The boy was probably just playing around. Ours has been trying to mount our doe for weeks but he is too short and she isn't in heat. He is getting castrated this week! I sure hope it calms him down some.

LillySue said...

Thank you for more of the "Goatie Cronicles", heehe! Your new girls are adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, they're lovely!

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