Sunday, May 24, 2009

busy week

"Quick update version"

*sigh* This last week has been exhausting. We drove down to Denver on friday night (the 15th) and stayed at our favorite hotel there (rennisaince) We arrived at 11 pm that night since we had to feed animals and set up the milking stuff for the next morning before we could leave. I talked one of the ladies here in town (patty) into milking Ellie for me on Saturday morning. Bright and Early saturday morning we awoke at the hotel and after a delicious breakfast walked across the street to the walmart to go shopping. We had hurridly packed everything friday night and had forgotten our suitcase on our bed. So we bought a few essentials (tooth paste, toothbrushes, combs, swimsuits) and headed back to the hotel. We changed into our new suits and headed down in the glass elevator (Lilly hated it) to the pool. We dipped our toes in the pool and decided to forget the pool and use the lukewarm (hot)tub. After a refreshing dip we headed to the airport to pick up my parents and it was non stop from there on out. The rest of Saturday was spent shopping and picking up craigslist items. I got new pants! I've lost so much weight in the past three months that my old pants I could pull straight off without unbuttoning and had to have a belt to hold them up. (this last week I gained about 10 back. *sigh* temporary setback, my new pants still fit though) I also got two new rabbits (more about them another post), and Lilly got spoiled to death. Grandma Melody found a little tykes playset for sale on craigslist and we stopped to purchase that. Well, while we were Disassembling it we also found a car to purchase and a spring horse. (pictures later).

Sunday was spent at church and then collecting my new laying hens. (more later ;) )
Monday we ran to Cheyenne for a dr. appt and spent all day shopping there.
Tues-wed was spent frantically cleaning house, building pens and fences (its so very nice that my parents take their vacation to work here)
Thurs. We spent all morning planting trees, bushes, plants, berries, etc. in the afternoon we took off to go to the North platte area of Nebraska. We spent the night at my grandfathers house there.
Friday was spent driving to Omaha to pick up my brother at the airport and then we went to visit at my aunts house in Lincoln before it was back to Omaha for bed.
Saturday - Lazyish morning followed by lunch with aunt, uncle, grandpa, and family
Saturday afternoon - cousins wedding (the reason we are all in Omaha) followed by the biggest fanciest reception I've ever been to. It was quite a party, and I quit before the dancing even started.
Sunday - all day in a car to come home to the wonderful hubby who suffered horribly through milking and feeding for me while I was gone.

I'm exhausted. I'm headed to bed now. Supposed to be a picnic here tommorrow and then maybe I can start catching ya'll up with posts on various aspects of this on tues.


Millie said...

Wow! You did have a busy week. Looking forward to your follow up posts.

Millie said...

Hi again!
I sent you an email to your gmail account. Wasn't sure if that was the best way to contact you. You can reach me at millie(dot)copper(at)yahoo(dot)com

LillySue said...

You have been one busy gal!! I guess you must be having some nice weather if you are planting. I hope Lilly is feeling good now. I look forward to hearing about the bunnies and hens!

Emil said...

Busy week kiddo. When you take time off it takes a day or two to get back into the swing of things and rest up from the trip.

Jennifer said...

Busy week! Looking forward to all your updates! Glad to see you back!

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