Thursday, May 28, 2009

Laying Hens and a new name

I've been trying so hard to come up with a better name for quite a while now and my brother just handed it right to me this weekend. What do you guys think?

Well, These are my new laying hens. We went on Sun the 17th and picked them up from an excoworker of Tim's. We came home with 19 hens and a rooster. I do need some help with some of the breeds though.

We have of course, the basic Plymouth rocks and RIR's

Then we have this unknown breed. They're about the same size as the Plymouths, all black with black feathering on their legs and a greenish sheen to the feathers.

Buff cochrins??

We also have this unknown breed. Slightly smaller than the feather legs but with the same black with green sheen to them. These also have a cream flecked look around their necks and no feathers on the legs

The white one I'm assuming is a leghorn and I think she's responsible for the two white eggs I've received (all other eggs have been shades of creamy brown to dark brown)

This is my poor feather pecked rooster (he was bottom dog at the old place) I don't have any idea what breed he is either. Also...does anyone have any thoughts on wether I should keep him or get rid of him since I don't know how closely related he is to the hens? (I will be incubating eggs and replacing hens since I don't know their age)

I also have one smaller black one that has the greenish sheen to her black, no feathers on the legs, but also has white spots on her. She's in the top picture bottom left corner by the feeder. ?????

Egg count :
Day 1 - evening only - 2 eggs
Day 2 - 7
Day 3 - 8
Day 4 - 8
Day 5 - 5
Day 6 - 7 - one broke
Day 7 - 9
Day 8 - 7
Day 9 - 4
Day 10 - 9
Day 11 - Today 2 out there already (one broke again)


Claire said...

Pretty, pretty hens! I am so pleased to see their pictures. It looks like the buff one could be a buff orpington rather than a cochin. A cochin would have feathered legs and the buff bird appears to have clean legs. The rooster is hard to say, especially with his feather losses.

This site can be useful:
It has a nice chart that lists colors, leg feathering, egg color, etc.

I think some of yours might be mixed breeds. I have some that look like the black one with the white in her neck that are crosses between black Australorps and either barred rocks or brahmas or Easter Eggers.

The barred (?) birds could even have some maran in them if you are getting dark brown eggs. Their barring is not as distinct as I would expect on pure barred rocks.

They all look lovely, and great egg counts too!

Christy said...

I like the new name. Nice looking hens. Most of mine are still pretty small.

fullfreezer said...

Great new name. I love the chickens. I would love to have chickens but my hubby has nixed the idea. Of course, the previous owners of our new place had chickens that they let roost all over and never cleaned up after them. After cleaning out the pole barn, he's finished with chickens.

Michaela Dunn Leeper said...

Your chickies are gorgeous. I am so impatient waiting for my chicks.

I really like both names, but so long as the author is the same & the pics keep coming, I'm happy either way *grin*

Millie said...

Good egg counts. Are you having much luck with figuring out who is laying other than the white one? I've used a couple of the eggs that you gave us. Very yummy!

Kelle said...

Nice looking chickens.
The second picture down looks like a Black Austrolope, the third picture is a Buff Orphington, the fourth looks like a Black sexlink/ black star or a mix.
The roo appears to be an Americana. The Americana hens lay, light green to a baby blue egg.

Maybe you need to introduce oyster shells, if you are suffering broken eggs. Or maybe more bedding in the nests.

Have a productive and blessed weekend.

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