Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fencing fencing fencing

*yawn* okay real quick update. I have a ton of stuff at my house that needs doing, so of course the ranch needed help with fencing *grin* I went out yesterday morning with Lilly in a wagon with toys and hauling it and the tools, all the goats trailing behind as well as the cats and dogs to set some posts in the holes that my hubby had drilled for our fence. I figured I would work on that until Lilly wouldn't be good anymore and then head back in and let her play in the house while I did things in there. About the third post my MIL pulls up in her truck. Of course Lilly sees her and wants to be held and cries now when set down. That ends my post placement. As it turns out she has come to ask if I will help work on the ranch fence. Hmmm I am needed on the ranch....okay, no problem. We made a deal that she will help with our fence if I help with theirs. Again, Okay, no problem. So we went out for the rest of the morning and hiked/drove fence line in the heifer pasture. The ranch has about 7000 acres counting the state lease and all of the fences in the 5-6 separate areas get walked every spring and have general upkeep.
We stopped and had lunch then Lilly went down for a nap so we finished setting the posts that were drilled here and pounded some steel posts in. After that we woke Lilly up and loaded her up again and went back to work on Ranch fence. MIL wants me to help with this for the rest of the next two weeks.

Two sides to this:
On one hand I am outside, with Lilly happily playing in the truck, working in the beautiful spring air and helping out on the ranch for once besides that.

On the other hand I am getting nothing done at the house, need to update our finances badly on the computer before my parents get here and I don't have the time. I also still have to make a list of things I want my dad to do while he's here. My hubby needs bread baked (I think he'll have to go to the store) and the laundry pile is huge!

HMM another wonderful (hopefully) day of hiking outside doing fence. Later everybody!


Kelle said...

Good morning!
I understand your glass half full/ half empty situation. PTL your inlaws are willing to trade off helping them, for helping you. My parents seems to think they are retired and we are here to help with their every need and yet never such an offer of help comes our way*sigh*
Just think of all the wonderful memories Lilly will have, spending time with Mom and with her dear grandparents as well.

May your day be full of blessings and productivity!

Blessings from,
The Never Done Farm

fullfreezer said...

Oh, I hear you on doing things that 'need to be done' and ignoring the things at home that NEED to be done. I've been feeling that way for the past 2 weeks. I hope you get a break soon and can tackle your own stuff. Good luck with the laundry and yes, hubby can go to the store for bread.

Jennifer said...

Things to do at home are never-ending. There's always something to be done. Well, for me it's that way, so if you've got the chance to work outside...go for it! I agree with Kelle and fullfreezer..great memories for Lilly and the husband can go to the store for bread. Enjoy the spring before it's gone.

Emil said...

Why is it there is always time to help with other people's stuff, but never enough to get your own done.

LillySue said...

So, are you still out working on the Ranch fencing? I hope you get lots of help, then, with yours!! I wish I was there to lend a hand!

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