Tuesday, June 2, 2009


On Saturday the 16th we started the day in Denver. After picking up my parents, having lunch at Cosa Bonitas, and some shopping we started home. We picked up one of the two rabbits then headed to Greeley. My mother had found a little tikes playset for sale on craigslist and we had made arrangements to pick it up and purchase it. We arrived in Greeley to find the lady wasn't home, despite her saying she would be. We called her and found that she had gone to a BBQ and that if we were sure we wanted it (we were sure just from the picture of it) that she could come back but it would take her a half hour. We asked if we could start disassembling it before she got there. We were told that she supposed so although it shouldn't take long. Well, we pulled some of the pieces off and then found screws in others. We were using my moms fingernail clippers to unscrew them when the neighbors soon to be daughter-in-law showed up with her boy. After giving us disgusted looks for being in the backyard and taking the play equipment down she went in the house. Soon after her fiance (the neighbors son) showed up and let us borrow a screwdriver. About an hour and 15 min. after we'd talked to her on the phone the lady showed up. We were still attempting to disassemble the playset. We started talking to her and found out that she was concerned about the little boy hurting himself on her property. The mother apparently doesn't watch him and just lets him invite himself over to the neighbors to play. Since her daughter had outgrown it anyways she had decided to sell it. She also wanted to sell a play car. We decided to take that too.

We ended up with the back end full of a playpen (I'd bought on the way down used), the suitcases, the playset, the small travel carrier for the rabbit (ended up on my moms lap), and of course all of us (mom, dad, Lilly, Me, and hubby). Since we ran out of room inside we started stacking things on top of the Denali. My hubby rolled his eyes when we added the car. Pretty soon we (mom, Lilly, and I) were sitting on the ladys front step having drinks of water while the guys puzzled over how to get it all home.

As we're sitting there and laughing and talking the lady happens to mention that the spring horse needs to go as well. HMMMM...
after much arguing, pleading, and begging the horse got loaded as well.
This is what the vehicle looked like:

We decided to swing in for supper at Hardees (Carl's Jr.) when we left there. My husband says "we don't have the clearance to get through the drive thru." We give him a funny look but pull over and send the guys in for food. They come back out in a minute and inform us that the store doesn't have what we wanted. My dad walks to the drivethru and declares that we do indeed have the clearance. Mom and I grin at each other. We make our order and pull up to the window. The drivethru person turns to ask for the money and their jaw drops open as they stare. Inside peals of chuckles, snorts, and laughter start rolling from the other employees. We collect our food and head towards Cheyenne. We discover that we have accidently purchased an extra sandwich. Hubby announces that the horse needed nutrition for his long run home. That sends us into laughter.

Passing through one of the small towns between Greeley and Cheyenne we slow down for the speed limit change and parked on the side of the road is two patrol vehicles and the officers are standing outside their vehicles and talking. One jabs the other and points towards us. We grin and wave wildly as they also dissolve into laughter.

To shorten the story a bit we got laughed at all the way home. However, everything made it and here is Lilly's new set up!

Playset set up



Anonymous said...

Too funny but nice busy for Miss Lilly though!

Christy said...

Nice playset! What a lucky girl. The goats would probably love to play on it too.

Claire said...

what a great story! I am very envious of the playset. We have been looking for one of those for our goats for quite some time. I think it would be a fun distraction for them, and would be more interesting than the fences!

Michaela Dunn Leeper said...

What a funny story! Love the new toys though!

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