Sunday, April 19, 2009

Swarming with babies!

This place is a mad house. We now have a grand total of: the two goat kids Wonder and Marvel, their mom Ellie, "Aunt" Sue, 3 red sex-linked pullet chicks, 5 mystery chicks, 3 Blue swedish ducks (one named Zipper, the rest are still unnamed), one white peking duckling Eggbert, 4 Khaki Campbell ducklings, 1 Caluyga duckling Beetle (I like variety), 3 brown turkeys, 6 guinea chicks for my garden, 8 baby bunnies, Mopsy and Peter (their parents), Sarah and Kady (the two dogs), Romeow and Boots (the two outdoor kitties), Olivia (the indoor kitty), and two tolouse goslings (hopefully one of each sex).

Eggberts story: Eggbert was found on freecycle under the title "Free male duck to good home" I called the number. This guy answers and I ask "what kind of duck is he?" His reply, "uhhhhummmm, a mallard?" So I ask him to email me a pic. The picture that comes isn't a full grown duck as expected. It's a cute fuzzy yellow duckling. I call him back. This is what I get told, "I bought him at the feed store here about three weeks ago for a pet in my apartment *pause* He ISN'T a good pet!" At this point I'm trying not to bust a gut laughing as I tell the guy I'll come to get him. (If it even is a "him")

We also have two more goat kids on the way, I have to go pick them up at the end of the month. Ellie is a fair quality animal but the buck she was bred to this year I'm not sure of the heritage (I've never heard any of the names on his pedigree) so I won't be keeping Wonder. I am getting a doeling from a breeder in Cheyenne. She wins the state fair here every year with hers and lots of them are nice looking animals. I also picked a doeling, Fantine(select the "kids" button to see her), out of a mom (Cozette) with a good background and a 5 star milker :) . We should have a great first freshning doe by next year.
The second doeling we are getting is coming from the same breeder and will be my mom's doeling (in my care) but I'm not quite sure which doeling we will be getting for her yet.
Next year I will have to buy more 3rd cutting hay (alfalfa) I am down to the first cutting (mostly grass) and the kids arn't weaned yet. I put the goats out on a stake today to eat the green grass that's coming up. Hopefully that will help.

In the mean time I am trying to finish an outside pen for the chickens before they grow up enough to need one. Right now they live inside the chicken coop in bad weather and go out in my outdoor guinea pig run during the day, but it's small for all of them and the turkey's. The ducks may also get their own building. I was planning on putting them with the chickens as well but I also wasn't planning on so many (although Im sure more than I want will be male and dinner) The guineas will also have their own ark so that they can live in the garden.

3 of the 8 bunnies have homes since I don't need that many for meat and sell some. I'm still looking for homes for the 5 males (I know I'll still have some that don't find homes) The only one I would have kept was the first to go. She's the pretty little soft caramel colored one.

My "to do" list on here glitched and I lost my list :( so until I find another one that works better i may just add things on my posts. I need to build my herb garden, flower gardens, the ark for the guineas, and a sandbox for a certain someone ;)


Jennifer said...

Sounds like you have been busy. I loved the story of how you got Eggbert!

fullfreezer said...

Wow! you do have a full 'house'. What fun it must be though. A duck as an apartment pet....who whoulda thought....

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