Sunday, April 19, 2009

Random pics....

Cute and Fluffy bunnies

More cute and fluffy's

Goslings and little ducklings

Full Bathtub (it was clean water when they started)

Hard work


Size comparison (
blue swedish ducks vs. new babies)

Wyoming wind (it's pretty bad when the wind blows so hard that it lifts the back end of the wagon as it shoves the snow under)


It's a seesaw!


What's this stuff?


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures, we used to have blue and black swede ducks here, now we just have the Muscovies.

Jennifer said...

Awww..those cute little ducks...OMG those adorable little bunnies..the goats, the sweet sleeping child. Quite the cuteness over-load putting up all those pictures at should really warn people! LOL. just kidding, great pictures! You sure do have a lot of beautiful babies on your farm right now.

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