Monday, April 20, 2009

Cookies' gone and buck search

I have been trying for quite awhile now to find Cookie a new home. She left on friday. After purchasing Cookie from a lady here in town I got to know her and decided that the little goats just weren't for me. I prefer the larger breeds and decided that cookie would find a new home again. I posted her first for $75 (she's a 7 month old Nigerian doeling) No takers.

Reposted two weeks later for $60, got one request to send pics but no takers.

Was taking to the lady I bought her from about two weeks later and she said she would buy her back for what I paid for her ($40) but then she wouldn't be able to purchase Marvel from me (my buckling). Hmmm Cookie or Marvel....I kept Marvel and Cookie went home.

Marvel is back on the sale block looking for a new home. We need the money right now so I am hoping that someone will purchase him. If not we will be eating goats meat in about 9 months :( Sad but necessary.

I will also be castrating, tatooing, deworming, and vaccinating them this week. So he will become a wether instead of a buck. No point in keeping a stinky buck around. ;)
In other news: I am desperately searching for two bucks to breed my girls to this fall. I am hoping Ellie can be bred to Mega-Milkers Hocus Pocus in Cheyenne (the one I'm getting my doelings from) He throws some very dairy looking (tall and angular) Nubians with lots of color.
I was planning on breeding Sue to her Saanen buck as well but then realized that Sue's grandfather is her buck. :( So I'm on the search for a Saanen Buck for Sue and a Nubian Buck for the two doelings. Hopefully in Wyoming, Northern Colorado, or western Neb. Close enough to drive them to.

They're having an AI clinic here that I had signed up for. They decided on June 19-20th as the date. Unfortunatly I don't believe I'm going to be doing it now. I don't have the money for the AI equipment so was going to borrow the tank, etc. there. So early in the year though would put none of my does ready. They have some pills to insert in them that will bring the does into heat for the clinic. The problem is that my two doelings were just born and won't be ready until end of November or in December. Ellie will have just barely weaned her babies and I feel that June is way too soon to breed her again. Sue the Saanen is the only possibility for the clinic and we are required to have two does for it. Also, Saanens are seasonal breeders what are the chances even with the pill of having her "take" at that time of the year?? I've been debating about wether to try it or not with just Sue or wether to wait until next year and hope I've got more does available. I'd like to breed Ellie and Sue in Sept or Oct so that they are fresh Feb/Mar and then the two doelings in Nov/Dec. That will give me two sets of kids each birthing time and will ensure that the older does go first and I have a milk supply if something happens with the younger. If Sue was bred in June that would put the kids born in Nov! WAAAAyyyy too cold! *sigh* Probably no AI till next year at least, back to the buck search.


Anne Marie said...

can I just say that you are awesome?!?

who would do all that with 2 little kids?
yours I mean ;)

hope you are good and yes, we need warmth don't we?

Celena said...

I'm in Lusk and I have an Easter born Nubian buckling available for sale and also offer service with our buck. Pictures can be seen on my blog www.paisleypastures.blogspot.come

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