Thursday, April 22, 2010

chore time!

Well the next coulple of days are hoping to be filled with cleaning, sorting, and getting rid of! I've been following a blog. 5 Weeks to a clean and organized home. I haven't started yet though. The problem with the blog is you have to be able to find your home first!

Soooo....on Tuesday I spent some time with my girls cleaning the living room and staring the kitchen. The living room is now officially ready to start the indepth cleaning. Now if I can just keep it that way while the other rooms get there. The girls were amazingly helpful. Hannah played in her exersaucer that I brought in that day and was a rather happy baby all day. Lilly helped pick up and also helped by feeding baby Hannah.

Hoping today goes as smootly. Kitchen clean up, laundry folding, and general bedroom tidy up today.

My husband acquired a fish tank (25 gal) last summer at a garage sale and has had fish in it ever since. Well a few weeks ago we decided to downgrade to make it easier to take care of for awhile. Most of the freebie fish went down the road and the left over fish went in a ten gal tank. The problem is that now the rocks, filter, heater, tank, and lid are all sitting scattered around my bathroom waiting for a good scrubbing! That is NOT on the list of things to do today! It does however interfere with the deep cleaning of the bathroom so will have to be done eventually.

In the process of reading the blog though I have been walking through my house ever since saying "that can can that" I think a major garage sale is in order if I can ever get to the spring cleaning, finish it, and get rid of stuff...

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