Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry christmas!

How was everybody's holidays?

Ours was pretty good all things considered. On christmas eve we went to MIL's house and ended up cutting firewood, wrapping last minute presents, discovering that my very old slaughtered hen was cooked too fast and was a tough old bird, and then opening presents. Normally what happens is that the presents get passed out and then everyone tears into them at once and you really can't tell if someone liked your gift or not because you missed them opening it! I asked once why they didn't take turns and got told that the boys are too impatient and cant wait their turns. hmmm..Fast forward to this year...
my MIL, "Okay...let Lilly open one first" curiouser and curiouser...we take turns now?? when did that change?? Did I miss something or did someone finally decide that maybe a 7,11,and 15 year old ARE old enough to take turns?? Lilly of course had difficulty with the concept but all in all she did pretty well, especially since grandma and grandpa let her help open theirs ;)

Lilly recieved a bunch of clothes, a ladybug tent with tunnel, a puppy dog that sings jingle bell rock and spins in a circle, a puppy that knows her name and talks sings and plays games with her, a stroller and carseat for her baby, a kitchen set for her to make her baby food, and a crib and highchair for her baby. All in all she was extremely happy.

I got a wonderful drop spindle to try out from my hubby, a book, a sweater, two pairs of socks, a candle, and a canning book (that I already have ;) )
Tim got a DVD, candy, Some shirts and pants, and a book about having kids (really cute kids book)

Christmas morning we got up and unwrapped santa presents (included above) and then struggled through feeding and watering all the animals in the blizzardy drifts before driving to grandmas for the day. We pretty much did nothing all day. The three boys, Tim, and Rick spent all day playing with the new/used xbox 360 that the boys had gotten. Lilly played in her tent, with her doll and stroller, and her puppys all day. I took the entire day off and veged out in a corner playing my SNES system on an itty bitty TV and not being bothered by a darn thing! In other words, I was a lazy oaf!

I do feel much better today though and am in dire need of some excersise and mobility following my day of entire immobility and am going to go work on cleaning the house up and getting it back in some semblence of order.

Kelle: It's supposed to be another girl but the ultrasound tech flashed over it really really quickly and really didn't convince us that that's what we're having so we're preparing for either. It also doesn't help that I've spent most of this preg feeling like it's a boy. That just might be wishful thinking though to have one of each ;) So names for both/either. That's a very pretty name that they've chosen for your granddaughter!

Some of the names we've been considering: James, Wesley, Rose, Holly...


fullfreezer said...

I'm glad you had a lovely holiday.
I never found out what any of my children were going to be. I had a cousin who was told she was having a girl only to find out that the important bits were 'hiding' during the ultrasound. Surprise!

Kelle said...

Okay I'm putting on my thinking cap for names.

When I was pregnant with our Ds, I had 5 ultra sounds( I had placenta previa) and none comfirmed he was a boy, and really back, then 21 yrs ago, they wouldn't tell you anyways.

I carried our Ds very low and on my back and our Dd I carried high and way out front.

Glad you had a restful day! I know what you mean about getting movitvated, after a day of being laid back. I had to get outside today, hauling firewood, waters,cleaning stalls and just enjoying the day. Maybe I'll sleep better tonight?

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