Thursday, September 3, 2009

Apples, Apples, more free stuff

Sorry I've been "away". My hubby found a post on craigslist one night about a week ago for free aluminum cans here. So I took the truck and headed to the given address the next day. We filled the truck full of aluminum cans and took it to the junkyard to cash in. :) Lilly made $23 free dollars for her savings account.

In the process of loading the cans into the truck it was mentioned that the mans sister was moving and they are cleaning out the house to sell it. I had noticed the crabapple tree out front loaded with apples so bad that the branches touched the ground. I asked what would happen to all the apples. I got told he had no idea but they had to go and I was welcome to them.

Since then I've gone several more times to their house, picked for two hours on that tree (got halfway around it and quit) we now have about 12 gallons of crabapples here being processed in various ways (post later). I also got told to take some wire home, some plexiglass, the entire back porch (we disassebled it last night will haul it home tom.), and misc. other things.

They had a garage sale last weekend that I got a sneak peek at and came home with a pressure canner ($5!) and 2 boxes of jars ($1), Bags and bags of potting soil ($.25 ea), a toy chest and a lawnmower! The garage sale last weekend was to sell the stuff in the lady's garage. When I went to get the cans it was floor to ceiling boxes in the garage. They cleaned the house this last week and are having another sale this weekend.


Millie said...

You hit the mother lode!! Are you going to be getting a new front porch or will you repurpose it? How wonderful for you!

fullfreezer said...

What a fabulous stroke of luck!!! and a pressure canner for $5! You'll be busy!

Anonymous said...

How nice!

Please change my blog link, the one you have doesn't work anymore.


Jennifer said...

It's a good thing hubby found that post on craigslist! I take it you're going back for this weekend's sale?

Emil said...

Lucky you, all we have here are peaches and corn.

Holly said...

Are you going to make jelly out of the crabapples? I like it with Red Hots in it but my husband likes it without. When your ready to make prickly pear cactus jelly just email me at and I'll be glad to send the recipe your way.

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