Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The new school

So, my children have decided lately that they need to have constant recess or take advantage of snack or bathroom breaks. I've decided to teach them a lesson. For all of this week we are following the public school schedule as closely as I can. I woke them up at 6:30 this morning to get ready to go so that they could ride the "bus" to school. L growled at me and asked me why she couldn't sleep in. H perks up immediately and says "bus?"  They got out of bed and got dressed, ate some breakfast, we made their lunch bags and I put them on the "bus" saying goodbye and have a good day. H discovered almost immediately that the book she had chosen for the bus was too short. I allowed her to go get another for today. I set up school at the table. I let them off the bus a few minutes before 8 and let them play for a few. I ran the cowbell for the school bell at 8 and we got started. So far so good. Both have asked different questions already and been told that they'll have to ask their mom or dad when they got home. It's amazing how much work gets done when a schedule is followed this strictly. It's not even 2 yet and L is done with 2 lessons from last week that she hadn't gotten finished, all of todays, and we are starting the last of the leftover lessons from last week. H is the same way. I'm hating the strict schedule but I am loving the results. 

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