Wednesday, December 1, 2010

quick update!

We have of course been very busy here. I've been building new coop, new pens, fighting off predators, puzzling over other predators, switching dogs, and baking and making. I will try and expand more on that soon. This upcoming weekend is the senior centers craft fair and I have a table there. For a few more details you can look me up on facebook under Jennifer Baker or the business under Bakers Acres! You'll know it's the right one if it has a pup wearing a chef's hat for a pic. Working on expanding the business and getting everything set up right now then will update more here and post the new website addy.


Jennifer said...

Fighting off predators doesn't sound good! Sounds like things have been busy!

Anonymous said...

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Kelle said...

Can't find your web page, could you share the link?

Predators will drive you crazy sometimes. We had a fox that was working on getting into our coops when Dh shot him.

Glad to hear life is treating you well, we miss your entrys but understand about being busy!

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